Kemco Systems Co, LLC (, a Clearwater, Florida-based designer and manufacturer of energy and water conservation systems, is offering a cost-effective approach for laundries to improve efficiencies with no capital investment. The all-inclusive CONSERVE programme offers ‘water-recycling-as-a-service’ including an opportunity to pursue TRSA’s Hygienically Clean and Clean Green certifications with support from Six Disciplines Consulting.

As the world recovers from the impact of Covid-19, linen, uniform and facility services companies are seeking opportunities to reduce costs, while continuing to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Conserve program offers an opportunity to pursue both with water savings and certification with no upfront investment.

“TRSA welcomes this collaboration with Kemco and Six Disciplines, especially in this post-Covid environment with renewed public emphasis on hygiene,” said Joseph Ricci, CAE, TRSA president and CEO. “There has been tremendous interest in Hygienically Clean, primarily in the hospitality and food service sectors that have been the most impacted. The Conserve program provides these companies, and others, an opportunity to reduce costs and demonstrate their hygienic-laundering practices efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Since 2018, Six Disciplines Consulting ( ) has provided laundries seeking Hygienically Clean certification with expertise and support in the development of required documentation such as a quality assurance (QA) manual, as well as pre-inspection to ensure the plant is prepared for the certification process. Their fees are being paid by the CONSERVE program, improving a laundry’s ability to earn the Hygienically Clean designation, while minimizing upfront costs.

Furthermore, with water and sewer costs growing at twice the rate of CPI (consumer price index), there is a growing incentive to recycle water, potentially delivering water quality better than the incoming water.  The process rejects total dissolved solids, hardness, color, viruses, bacteria and other colony forming units (CFU) as well as emerging contaminants such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl) and microplastics. This allows plants to recycle up to 90% of their water for reuse anywhere in their process. 

 “This collaboration with TRSA and Six Disciplines Consulting offers our customers, and prospective customers, an opportunity to reduce water consumption and costs while improving overall operations and earning the distinguished Hygienically Clean designation,” said Tom Vanden Heuvel, Kemco president and CEO. “It is a win-win-win proposition for laundries.”

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