CLEAN 2017

TRSA unveiled at Clean 2017 its latest book, entitled Laundry Operations and Management, a 200-page guide that fosters a common understanding of fundamentals and best practices among all professionals in the industry. Regardless of job title or experience level, all industry executives, managers and supervisors benefit from this overview covering all aspects of laundry operations.

Processes are detailed for serving every customer market (Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial). Easy-to-read, illustration-filled chapters explain procedures, technologies and transactions of production, sales and service as they apply to plant workflow:

  • Soil Sorting
  • Washing
  • Drying and Finishing
  • Pack Out (Inventory)
  • Delivery 

“In any industry, it’s natural to focus most on your individual job function or department,” said Joseph Ricci, TRSA president and CEO. “Seeing the big picture increases employee engagement and productivity. Laundry Operations and Management addresses this directly by helping linen and uniform managers understand their role in plant workflow with a common understanding of fundamentals and best practices."