TRSA’s 12th Annual Healthcare Conference & Exchange is planned for 15-16 November at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. The Healthcare Conference & Exchange is the premier laundry industry event where operators can gain insights and share information with colleagues and leading suppliers that process nearly 90% of North America’s acute, long-term care and speciality medical linens and garments. The event is expected to draw roughly 200 executives and decision makers from independent, regional, national and international operators serving the healthcare market sector.

TRSA’s Annual Healthcare Conference will also include the Exchange, an interactive opportunity to participate in customised in-person meetings between TRSA operator members and supplier partners. The Exchange will kickstart each day of the Conference, offering 15-minute sessions to discuss products and services in a focused setting. These one-on-one interactions will give operator members the opportunity to discuss with suppliers the latest in product innovations and solutions to their most pressing problems. For their part, supplier partners will get a chance to educate potential prospects on their most recent innovations and promote their products.

Nathan Bays, an executive at Citi in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions, will speak on the evolving health economy and the role of innovation and its implications for stakeholders. Bays will examine key trends in health policy, including finance and operations, M&A, and innovation, and their applicability to the TRSA membership and clients that TRSA members serve. His keynote address will centre on the ever-increasing demands of the operating environment in the healthcare industry, and how innovative advances are increasing opportunities to deliver more with less.

In addition to Bays, there will be an interactive panel discussion, bringing together accomplished healthcare laundry executives, on how leveraging technology and data can improve customer service and engagement in the healthcare market. The following panellists will speak on how data can drive meaningful engagement:

• James Adler, CEO, LinenMaster

• Randy Bartsch, chairman and chief executive, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service

• Don Cramer, VP of IT, NOVO Health Services

• PJ Dempsey, president, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply

The Healthcare Conference agenda includes breakout sessions specifically focused on acute and nonacute healthcare, so that participants can attend sessions that best apply to their work. Additionally, there are more panels focused on industry executives’ perspectives on the healthcare services sector, as well as on the impact of private equity and capital markets on the healthcare market consolidation. On the last day of the conference, attendees will participate in a plant tour of the automation process at Medline Warehouse. The conference will feature numerous opportunities to hear industry experts speak on the future of the healthcare laundry market, while providing opportunities to network with operators and suppliers during the Exchange to receive a more individually tailored experience.

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