The recent Textile Services Association (TSA) Spring Conference celebrated a milestone for one of its pet projects as the first apprentices finished her journey through the Association’s apprentice scheme.  Shyju Skariah, director of programmes and projects for the TSA told delgates: “One of the biggest training projects the TSA has taken on is its apprenticeship scheme which is now in place across the whole journey. There are 40 active apprentices in the scheme and 40 more in the process of being accepted.”

Krzystofa Gfrabowska, a Johnsons Service Group apprentice, is the first to go through the whole process. Rebecca Morgan of JSG Hotels division said: “The apprenticeship scheme for our industry is something we can use to promote it. That apprentice will be there for that time…and will have developed. Multi skilled employees who want to progress are valuable. We are so proud of Kryzstofa who started as a shift manager.

“Employers need to know that the scheme is suitable for all employees of all shapes and sizes and there is no age restriction. Anyone can join. Twenty per cent of time is off the job – but not off the laundry. There will be mentoring, job shadowing, packing instead of feeding sheets, say. It equates to six hours a week. It is not unproductive time,” said Morgan.

Rebecca Morgan, pictured with Syhju Skariah, accepted the certificate on behalf of Krzystofa Gfrabowska who had been involved in a traffic accident on her way to the conference. Happily, she was unharmed.

More reports follow….