Textile Services Association (TSA) CEO David Stevens kicked off his latest update to members on an optimistic note, saying: “Doesn’t time fly when you are in a lockdown, it has definitely been a long January but let’s get February out of the way and I really believe we will start to feel better.

“The success of the vaccination programme surely should allow some return to normality in the spring and I am sure the Chancellor is desperate to reflect this in the March budget. He does seem to have gone very quiet recently.”

Stevens promises to continue the ‘drip drip approach’, getting the message out there at every opportunity.

In other news, from the association, the media is in TSA’s spotlight. Stevens told members: “CNN is doing a feature on Unsung Heroes and we hope to feature a healthcare laundry. BBC Belfast are also looking to do a feature on the laundry industry and even Panorama are doing a programme looking at isolation gowns and asking why it is still almost all disposable.  As mentioned in the introduction we just need to keep going and take every opportunity we can to profile our industry.” He is also working to ensure laundry workers are included with the second phase vaccination programme and has written to the Minister to remind him of this.

“Following the sad news of Captain Sir Tom Moore's death, let’s go forward with his wise words and hope ‘tomorrow will be a good day’,” said Stevens.

• The new TSA membership pack for 2021 has been sent out and any laundry businesses wishing to join, or find out more about TSA, can visit  here.