Claimed by Fulton to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since it first pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949, Fulton’s VSRT model since its launch in 2018 has become class-leading and a symbol of efficiency, with many users benefiting from generous savings in gas and water consumption in addition to CO2 and NOx emissions.

With demand increasing for an energy efficient boiler with larger outputs like those of horizontal reverse-flame steam boilers, Fulton is now expanding the range and introducing two new re-designed VSRT models with outputs of 1565 and 1956 kg/h to swell the exisiting the seven-model VSRT range with outputs from 160 to 960 kg/h. 

Fulton managing director Carl Knight explained: “These new models are ground-breaking for their output range. When you consider the VSRT-100 and VSRT-125 models, there are no truly efficient tubeless vertical steam boilers in the marketplace with similar output ranges, the VSRT is the only tubeless boiler available with the capability of efficiently producing nearly two tonnes per hour of steam.

“In short, what we are delivering with these new models is much higher output versions without compromising efficiency.”

These new, larger-output VSRT models maintain exceptionally high operating efficiencies (up to 86% gross thermal efficiency compared to approximately 80% from typical boiler designs), which results in lower operating and lifecycle costs and improved return on investment. The latest models also continue to achieve ultra-low NOx emissions of less than 20ppm and 10:1 turndown capability.

The water volume of these latest VSRT models is far greater than equivalent horizontal shell and tube boilers and steam generators, combined with an impressive steam chest volume giving it the ability to react quickly to changes in steam demand. The VSRT still boasts a start-up time of approximately 20 minutes and achieves a 99.75% steam quality, a detail most manufacturers are unwilling to publish.

Like the existing models in the range, the two new models come with the assurance of a 10-year unparalleled warranty on the pressure vessel, double that of the industry standard. Additionally, like all Fulton VSRT and electric boilers, they contain no refractory and have no requirement for five-yearly, non-destructive testing, which contributes to reduced lifecycle costs when compared to standard shell and tube boilers.

These advanced, energy-saving and environmentally-beneficial features are standard across the now expanded VSRT range. Compared to equivalent vertical tubeless steam boilers, the VSRT is a more durable, and in many cases, compact boiler that is energy-efficient, produces an increased volume of higher quality steam, is easy to maintain and backed by an unparalleled warranty. Additionally, the VSRT complies with the City of London Air Quality Strategy and MCPD regulations, is constructed to BS EN 12953 and UKCA/CE marked to PED.