UKFT has regretfully announced that it will no longer be able to represent the UK’s drycleaners following the loss of its largest member.

UKFT took on the independent mediation/arbitration service three years ago when it looked likely to be lost for good when the Textile Services Association (TSA) decided to concentrate its representation on commercial laundry businesses. The move meant that UKFT were able to add Government lobbying, solvent emissions and Fair Compensation to the suite of services previously offered to members. The attractive membership package worked well but the recent news of the largest member ceasing support of the service led to a difficult decision from CEO, Adam Mansell.

Martin Jenkins, Head of Textile Care Services at UKFT said that: “UKFT took the members on board and gradually worked across the sector to improve processes, providing full time capability to the service and helping to create an improved employer standard across the sector. The decision to halt this service was not an easy one and was solely down to the fact that the industry’s largest member withdrew support, rendering the service financially unviable for the remaining members.”

In September 2018 the TSA board agreed to transfer the drycleaning side of its membership – with associated services to UKFT. The decision came after careful consideration, following very positive discussions with UKFT and recognition that the needs of TSA’s drycleaning members, with the focus on consumers, are different when compared to commercial textile service companies.