Up To Date Laundry has announced plans to build an additional healthcare laundry processing facility at Hollander Business Park in East Baltimore, Maryland. Up To Date Laundry is one of the largest healthcare laundries on the east coast, processing close to 60 million pounds of healthcare linen each year and the new plant will double the company’s processing capacity.

The new laundry is expected to open in July 2017.

Up To Date Laundry launched its business in Baltimore in 1946 servicing ships arriving at the Baltimore Harbour from New York and Virginia, as well as the retail clientele of the local community.

The development will add an additional 72 million pounds of processing capacity and 400 new jobs once all phases of the build are completed over the next five years.

Up To Date Laundry received financing for the project from Revere Bank and has partnered with FRP Development Corp., to lease the 79,600 square foot manufacturing facility built in a Maryland Certified Enterprise Zone.

“We chose this location to continue our commitment to the city of Baltimore by providing jobs to areas that can benefit from additional employment opportunities and by building our facilities focusing on sustainability of the environment. We’re confident that we’ll be serving the healthcare community in the Mid-Atlantic region for another 70 years,” said Mark Carter, president of Up To Date Laundry.