Cross explains that greater automation and speed at both feeding and folding stages means that operators have little chance of spotting faults as linen passes along the line. Items that are still stained or damaged are only discovered when the customer receives the finished work and this affects the supplier/customer relationship.

VisionTex technology can be used for bed and table linen, small flatwork, cabinet roller towel applications and dust control mats. “Our system brings absolute consistency to quality assurance, 24/7,” says Cross. The system allows managers to control and prevent problems of variable quality connected with different shifts, supervision levels, operator training and experience, and finishing equipment efficiency.

VisionTex provides quality assurance across the whole flatwork product and colour range, including solid colours. It can identify holes or stains on both sides of duvets and pillowcases, and linen with repeated creasing faults can be recognised and intercepted.

The software can be designed to manage a quality grading system, allow the accurate routing of stock to high-end clients and heavy users and provide for a range of accept/reject settings. It can be installed when equipment is purchased or retrofitted.