Washare is the company behind a new mobile laundry app that aims to give people an opportunity to make money from home by providing a cheaper laundry service than traditional laundries/laundrettes for anyone who has a washing machine and some spare time.

The Washare principle is simple – in this case, by using the washing machine, which having done the daily wash, just sits there and waits for the next day’s load. By simply undertaking some extra loads of washing each day, a projected army of around 18,000 Washare laundry entrepreneurs can target earnings of over £1,000 every month working from home.

Washare is “the Uber of Washing,” according to Matthew Howells, spokesperson for Washare. “We identified that many people have a washing machine, spare time and a need for more money, while there are many others who have no washing machine and no time, but plenty of spare cash,” he said. “One can make money… One can save money. Washare are bringing these two groups together so that each can be of benefit to the other.”

Those being signed up to provide this service in the company’s initial drive are described as Cashares. The expectation is that these will be primarily female entrepreneurs as the role offers an ideal and convenient opportunity for women who might be at home with young children, or who can combine being a Cashare with existing part-time jobs.

Based around the Cashare app, the new service provides Cashares with the opportunity to be a key part of a 24-7 local laundry service. Once they have downloaded the app and signed up, the app puts them in touch with potential customers.

Conversely, anyone requiring a laundry service at a highly competitive price can benefit from the Washare app. Service users simply download the app and enter the details of their laundry. They connect with the local Cashares waiting to wash and iron their clothes, while collection and delivery can also be arranged.

In support of their ambitions, Washare are instigating a multi-million pound campaign headed by a National TV advert, backed by print ads, extensive leaflet drops, the launch of the new Cashare app and Washare website, alongside a broad social media awareness push.

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