Laundries and drycleaners could capitalise on a trend that has become apparent since Covid-19 first struck and people have been working more from home. A survey has found laundry is the top chore for most US citizens and there are signs they want their time back to indulge themselves in activities they would rather pursue. Even watching a boring movie is preferable it seems.

A recent Angi survey (formerly Angie’s List) revealed that the time spent doing laundry trumps all other household chores for most Americans. Based on the results, chores tend to consume nearly 5 hours of time during the week, which equates to one extra hour of unpaid labour during a work week.

While laundry duty and other chores vary from household to household, the survey referenced another report that found a correlation between the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and a spike in household cleaning worldwide. The need, or rather obsession, for cleaner homes and clothes is on the rise. So, what does this mean for commercial laundry businesses?

To start, more households want their time and energy back. According to the Angi survey, nearly a third of respondents would watch a boring movie rather than spend time on chores, which can allude to the desire to rest. With more families working and schooling from home this past year, leisure time is most likely minimal. Additionally, the survey found a gender gap in household work, where women are cleaning and washing clothes more than men, despite both working from home.

Whether a working professional, student, or busy parent, hiring a laundry service is a solution for gaining back their leisure time. Commercial laundries can take advantage of this opportunity, especially during the holidays and winter season, when family gatherings and time spent on general home upkeep increase. A professional laundry service to take care of washing, drying, and folding their clothes gives households one less task to worry about.