A company in Cornwall has developed what it claims is a method of recycling water which could halve the amount taken from the mains.

Originally designed for domestic use, Aquasaver is already being used in Australia and the US.

Aquasaver collects water from baths, sinks and washing machines and dishwashers. Pumps and valves pass this wastewater through filters to remove solids and scum. The water is then passed over bleach blocks and finally through a carbon filter before being stored ready for re-use.

The Water Demand Manage-ment Centre and the Environment Agency both believe this and similar types of products could help consumers and businesses to overcome water shortages by encouraging them to make use of so-called “grey” water.

Installation is handled by approved technicians. Electrical engineer Mike Burton first developed the system in 1992 and built his business with the grant he received from the Department of Trade and Industry.