In its September newsletter The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL) announces the arrival of the first of the new text books from the suite of four new Guild Educational Books, ‘The Science of Laundry’ and ‘Professional Wet Cleaning’. A Q&A book covering wet and drycleaning andlLaundry is also now completed and available.

E -Learning/On Line (Level C + B + A) The Business School’s E-learning curricula is available to anyone in the industry via the Guild’s website with prices  discounted for Guild members. Visit the updated website and check the main body of text for more details.

GCL also asks whether recycling is a priority for your customers? Ken Cupitt writes: “A Guild member has sent in a photograph of a box (see right) for customers to return unwanted coat hangers and used garment covers (Polyrobe) for the cleaner to recycle. What a statement to have on view in your reception/shop area that you are conscious of saving the planet and are prepared to do your bit. If you have other ideas to share with fellow members please let us know.”

Cupitt also suggests taking a look at the Technical Bulletin online with another look at processing Covid-19 contaminated items and a Technical Bulletin, the first of a two-part feature, on regeneration of solvent in drycleaning. “The Amber Alert is back with a problem of colour bleeding on a school blazer. Also, we have a HR Bulletin covering a Government offer of cash for employing young persons. We need more help about items or labels that give you problems. Let us know then we can keep others better informed,” said Cupitt.

“And the Guild web site has been upgraded, visit here to see the changes we have made,” concluded Cupitt,