Xeros was featured on BBC Television’s "The One Show", Wednesday 23 March, when the popular early evening programme looked at the energy-saving properties of the Xeros commercial laundry system.

A UK invention developed at the University of Leeds, Xeros has already made inroads with US hotel chains keen to avail themselves of its energy saving properties – Hyatt is one such – and is now breaking into the UK hotel market too.

The Xeros system involves replacing a large proportion of water with re-usable and ultimately recyclable nylon polymer beads that attract and hold soiling. According to Xeros, eight US utility companies are so impressed with the system and its water savings they are offering inducements to businesses to adopt it.

"The One Show" filmed the machine in action at Xeros’s offices in Rotherham, where the company’s chief science officer Dr Steve Jenkins outlined Xeros’ technology. At the same time a Xeros machine was successfully dealing with Sheffield Hallam University rugby players’ muddy kit.

TELEVISION SPOT: Xeros polymer beads