Laundry conveyor system 17 meters long plus 90° bend
(built in sections – shorter is possible)
“Shrinkwrap” wrapper, sealer, heat tunnel – fully automated
3 No. Futurail mono rail / sorting systems with 120 bags.
Will split – suitable for extending an existing system,
repairs, spares.
1 No. Broadbent monorail system – as above.
Amco Transfeed 1 & 2 Lane sheet feeder and hanging unit
including 5 No. clipping stations
Amco 1 & 2 Lane sheet folder 4 meters wide including 3
No. stackers
Combat gas air heater 23kw
Reznor gas air heater 29kw
12 No. 1.0m long stainless steel insulated twin wall boiler
flue 300mm diameter including bends, brackets, cowles
5 No. Polymark laundry markers
All enquiries to: laundry
Machinery located Birmingham England