Very Young Kannegiesser ironer- line  Year 2017 with 5600 h

Feeder—-EMT Synchro  35-01+2-3/3-1/2/4 (3x loading stations)

Ironer——HPM II  2X1200X3500   Steam heated

Folder——SFM.II   35-1/2/4-3 -KR3-S

Kannegiesser Ironing Line  Year 2011 4000mm 1/2 Line ( loading stations)

EMQ S -HPM 3x1200X4000- SFM

Jensen Ironer-Line 4000mm 1/2/4 Line Logic Plus Jensen EXP 2x1200X4000mm

Universal folder

Jensen Ironer EXP 1x1200X3300 mm  Steam Heated Year 2008

 With  Jensen Magic folder Year 2016


Jensen Tunnel Washer Jensen Model: P36-10 Universal SL Year: 2007

With Centrifuge Jensen Model: Z1200 Year: 2007

Compakt Jensen  Tunnel washer CL700 Year 2013/  7×50 kg with Centrifuge or Press

Complete Tunnel washer Systems P50-13 universal Rebuild 2020

P50-13 Universal  13×50 kg Jensen Press SEP 50 MD / 37 bar

Shuttle 1xDryer DT 60 steam heated  or more

Complete rebuild Tunnel washer  Sytem Senking 36×13 with Lavatec press

Shutlle and 1-4 dryers Passat 258.50 DWU  Capacity 950 kg/h

(Special price due to order cancellation)

Jensen Universal folder 3000mm 2014

Jensen Dryer JTD 110kg Gas heated 2017

Jensen Washer Extractor JWS 60 Kg  2019

Unica Washer extractor 100 kg 3xcomp Factory rebuild

Kannegiesser Press  PP10-50 56 bar Turbo Year 2012

Jensen Centrifuge  Z1200 Plus 50 Kg 2012 rebuild 2020

Complete tunnel finisher system

1x SMT 3 / Steam 1200 p/h   2 load station Rail system Garment Folder FAX A

1xFintec Vario Fold 85 M-A Garment folder 950 P/h  year 2018

1xSteamboiler Year 2006 with  Weishaupt. Gas burner  4000 kg/h

Complete laundry for sale ,Steam boilers,Ironers, Dryers, Tunnel washer,

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