How GBPA winners and participants become successful

True entrepreneurs develop a sense for new business. Also, in changing markets, entrepreneurs follow new directions and invest in new opportunities. Participation in the CINET Global Best Practices Awards Program has proven to be a fantastic tool to focus on optimising your business performance. Over the past 10 years 750 professional textile care companies participated and achieved to be rewarded with an Official PTC Nominee Certificate for performing their services according to international standards of best practices. Delivering the best quality and the best sustainability at low cost.

International research proves over and over again that high quality in PTC processing and services are the most important business factors. So all participants are winners in and for the industry, because they provide services where customers and societies can rely on.

Winners demonstrate their success

PTC companies who communicate their participation and success have demonstrated to be even more successful. Please find below an example of a company that has done that with great extra sucess. They received great PR by radio, country journals, social media, clients, and so on. Where the industry is not normally recognised by these media at all, all of a sudden s mainstream media attention with exposure to millions of contacts was realised.

PURE GOLD: 2022 winner Lavans mined some excellent PR from the event

It is excellent PR for the industry and this also supports the turnover of the companies directly involved.

A day to remember

21 October 2022 was a day to remember for all related to the Lavans company. Lavans believes its employees are its most important asset. After winning the GBPA 2022 its Overall Award in Milan, this was strengthened as never before. The Lavans Team gained confidence and were proud as never before and professional marketing resulted in a boost of customer and society appreciation. It was recognition nobody at Lavans expected when participating in the Cinet Global Award Program.


August 2022, two months before the Milan event, the complete Lavans staff of 250 colleagues were notified that the company was participating in the GBPA 22 competition via an inspiring card and their internal website. Lavans CEO, Tristan van der Waart explained with a video message the GBPA objectives and methodology and expressed his ambition to go for the highest scores. Some days before the competition the complete staff was informed how they could follow Lavans and its competitors’ pitches online in the last part of an intensive and exiting internal dialogue to ascertain the best performance in Milan.

The young generation

The full management team of this familyowned company travelled to Milan to do the pitch. After a long day waiting, finally, at the GBPA 22 Ceremony, the announcement came; unexpectedly (to Lavans) the company was the overall winner.

Immediately after the presentation congratulations came in from employees, business colleagues, customers, friends, and so on. Numerous e-mails kept arriving well into the weeks thereafter.

The management organised a series of festivities and everybody wanted to know how Lavans managed to win this award. This was to a large extent about the exceptional teamwork of Lavans and its philosophy of self-regulation. But this was only the start.

“Together we are gold”

An intensive PR of being the World’s best Industrial laundry was actively organized via mailings, documentation, adverts, social media, banners, signing, outdoor signings, etc., etc. This was repeatedly done over months. Editorials and free publicity kept on coming for months and in this period marketing campaigns were developed.

Operation Willy Wonka

In early 2023 Operation Willy Wonka was launched. Over 6,000 candy packages were distributed by the service staff to all customers. On the label the slogan “Together we are gold” invited customers to comment and give their experience via a QR-Code to the Lavans website. Hundreds of customers sent messages, flowers and congratulations over a period of several months.

Spin and win

The next campaign was an invitation for customers to spin the wheel of fortune and win a prize. The service staff during their routes offered this to their customers, who could win a prize such as a free doormat, candies, or a Lavans table football game. The campaign is still running after 12 months and resulting in an excellent atmosphere of communication. The next campaign is called Golden Vision” and will start in a few weeks.

The question was of course also what the impact of winning the Global Overall Award was on the Lavans turnover and profit? The CEO of Lavans, Tristan van der Waart responded with a big smile.

Co-host and country coordinator Philippines

Like so many other countries, the Philippines struggled from COVID, mainly because international tourism dropped off almost completely. Meanwhile the hospitality market is recovering and the Philippines laundries and textile cleaners are re-organising and focussing on future growth.

The Suds company represented by Charmaine Ang took the initiative to restore The Philippines Laundry & Textile Cleaning Association and take the necessary actions to reach out to the Philippines industry to join efforts and reinstall a Philippines PTC Association. Co-hosting the World Congress is a perfect way as to reach out to the international network for support and cooperation from the world and doing so support their members.

Charmaine Ang is preparing a Philippines Country Report to share the current industry profile, describe actions necessary for a prosperous development and to direct the future perspective.

Workshops: Best Practices, Best nominees

Upon request of many participants Cinet developed a workshop on the principles of Best Practices and tips to prepare a successful application for participation in this Global Best Practices Awards Competition 2024.

The first online workshop, Best Practices, Best Nominees, is scheduled for April 23rd, next at 15.00 hrs. CET live. The next workshops are scheduled for 28 May and 2 July at 15.00 CET.

Free registration for companies planning participation. Please inform the secretariat: and they will send you the links. Afterwards the recorded workshop will be available on the Cinet website in 100-plus languages.


CINET has prepared a company visits programme around its Cinet World Congress and Best Practice Awards 2024 (BPA24) 8-9 November in Frankfurt which runs alongside Texcare 2024.


Monday, 5 November
09.30 – 16.00
Visits to three retail companies in Frankfurt

Sunday, 10 November
10.00 – 17.00
Company visit to Böwe celebrating the company’s 75 years

Sunday, 10 November
Bus departs for ITS company visits Netherlands

Arrival at hotel in Maastricht in The Netherlands

Monday, 11 November
Departure for three Industrial laundries in The Netherlands:

Arrival at NEDLIN, Stein, healthcare laundry

Arrival at Lavans, Helmond, industrial laundry

Arrival G van der Kleij, Utrecht, hospitality laundry

Departure for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

5 November and 10 November:
For Cinet members and participants of the WC&BPA24, free upon reservation

10 – 11 November:
Trip to three ITS laundries in The Netherlands.. For international guests only, costs charge for transport and hotel.

For reservations and inquiries, see Cinet website, or please contact the Cinet secretariat: cinet@cinet-online-com.