At the end of October ExpoDetergo in Milan was the first major European exhibition for the textile care industry since it last aired in 2018 and there won’t be another large showcase until 2024 when Texcare International returns to Messe Frankfurt in Germany. Clean Show 2022 in Atlanta last July likewise brought innovations to North America.

On the floor of the exhibitions, drycleaners – and I am including wetcleaners in that category – clustered in large numbers around and on the stands.

Included in the Renzacci offering for 2022 was a medley of new products. Marco Niccolini, global sales and marketing director, at Renzacci was keen to share that in drycleaning the focus is on cleaning related to wellness and health. This, he says, is possible with the new bio drycleaning machines in the exclusive trademarked Sentinel edition, which takes advantage of a simple and innovative way to utilise the natural power of ultraviolet rays for deep and effective action against viruses and bacteria.

In washing machines, Renzacci has introduced the new line of high spin washer extractors The HS Ecocare System, which is equipped with the ‘Superstorage’ water reclamation system which allows water savings up to 40% and energy savings up to 20% on previous models.

Renzacci also introduced an advanced line of washers and dryers for launderettes, which he says has already seen great interest and sales in Europe and has also received a special award for its innovative boost in coin-op in the USA, Europe and South America. There is also the new REnzacci RZ closed circuit tumble dryer range with integrated air flow recovery.

“Once again this range distinguishes itself for originality and lowering running costs, offering its owners great advantages, among which it is worth remembering the fact that they allow operators to completely eliminate any need for external exhaust pipes and/or expensive and bulky exhaust hoods.”

Last but not least, Niccolini points at the new generation of sanitising cabinets with triple combined action i-Genius 2.0, to provide high quality service to all customers of the hospitality industry.

Böwe, meanwhile, has addressed the dreaded ‘black-over’ during distillation and from the perc and multisolvent range of machies has introduced the special Black Forest Edition drycleaning machine completely made in glaspearl blasted stainless steel and cataphoresis coatings.

Due to the addition of low temperature boilers such as water, high humidity, dosing additives and substances removed from the garments during the drycleaning process, the boiling behaviour of the solvents and the low boiler mixture can change. This results in froth and a ‘blackover’ of the distillation. This is particularly problematic with alternative solvents. Böwe decided to tackle this situation and developed a new photoelectric sensor.

Another new development from Böwe is a wear-free steam trap in stainless steel without mechanical parts with a 20-year warranty and additional approximately 20% steam savings on tradrtional models.

Böwe has a new shirt press unit with Teflon coated press heads, former, pant press, ironing table with infrared controlled special LED lights to better detect wrinkles and spots, autostart function by lifting the iron, ups-team, pneumatic height adjustment and packing units.

Pony’s new ANGEL 3.0 shirt finisher, representing the latest evolution of a highly successful and reliable machine now with a contoured Teflo-coated press plate which, with its special shape and improved vacuum function, allows more precise and faster dressing and will dry items without marks and prevent the sides of the shirt from wrinkling.

Firbimatic’s most recent introduction is the new Vortex series designed for use with perchloroethylene solvent. Its new Concept S using the latest engineering and design technology offers fast cycle times by greatly reducing the drying phase.

Realstar has developed a new range of perchloroethylene drycleaning machines. The R series machine has been developed to be technically advanced, a compact machine, easy to operate and fitted as standard with many features for maximum performance and reduced operating costs.

Realstar hydrocarbon machines are available as KT (2 tanks) KM (3 tanks) and HSK (suspended drum for high-speed spin). Realstar engineers have collaborated closely with the Kreussler in developing chemical products for the drycleaning industry, to offer these new machines that will maximise results utilising its new Class III A solvent, SOLVON K4.

The company has also introduced the VISION series for use with solvents such as hydrocarbon and silicone.

Union’s CLOUD L machine has been designed and engineered to clean with water mist and low temperature dry steam, with main parts made from stainless steel, Dialog microprocessor control and a large loading door.