Kannegiesser, says that in an OPL laundry operations laundry turnaround is much faster, for example towels, sheets, napkins and tablecloths could be used, laundered and back in use the very same day. This is unquestionably more efficient and cost effective than allowing soiled garments to accumulate. Keeping and replacing such large levels of linens and towels can be an inefficient use of resources, therefore OPL can help customers cut their costs dramatically. Its range of ironers allows a variety of programming options to ensure the lowest energy consumptions, while maintaining a quality finish.

High powered

The High Power Steam Ironer (HPM) with 4 rolls and Textile Care Technology is breaking boundaries in terms of textile care and energy efficiency, says Kannegiesser, because, by using a gentle ironing process, it is able to offer you a prolonged textile life of up to 30% plus energy savings without making compromises to quality and productivity. An extended ironing distance ensures an excellent evaporation capacity and a quality finish even at low temperatures and high speeds.

After labour costs, textile, energy and water consumption are the largest costs facing laundry owners. Ironing textiles at high temperatures will damage material fibres, cause discolouration and lead to loss of tear resistance. By reducing the steam pressure to as low as 6 bar, energy consumption can also be lowered considerably.

An essential component of the Kannegiesser 4-roller HPM is what Kannegiesser describes as its ‘textile care technology’. Depending on the processing program, the temperature of the heating band can be adjusted for different articles, supporting a consistent degree in white and coloured garments. It is also ideal for processing temperature-sensitive items such as polyester table linen. Avoid over-drying light fabrics by lowering the temperature – energy is saved and the lifespan of the linen is extended and both thick and thin articles are processed by selective roller adjustment.

Depending on the program, all rollers can be driven at high or low pressure – alternatively the first roll can be set to low pressure and all other rolls to high pressure. This way the ironing process can be adjusted to a wide range of articles.

Feeding alone

Mick Christian, regional training & development manager for Electrolux Professional UK & Ireland comments: “The past 18 months have undoubtedly been some of the most disruptive in living memory for the professional textile care industry. While we have hopefully seen the back of prolonged periods of forced closures for high street sites and hotels alike, organisations are still having to face-up to a number of on-going post-COVID challenges. Chief among them is staffing. It is no secret that there are significant shortages linked to unfilled vacancies, as well as short-term issues linked to employees having to isolate due to either testing positive or having come into contact with someone with COVID.

“It goes without saying that laundry is an inherently manual task that requires people to work together, in person, on site. While certain tasks, such as loading and unloading washers and dryers can be undertaken individually, ironing is an application where teamwork lies at the heart of productivity. Traditionally two operators have been required to efficiently load a commercial flat work ironer, however the latest machines can help maximise productivity from just one operator.”

Christian points at the Electrolux Professional’s new range of Line 6000 flat work ironers which include a new ‘Feed Alone’ optional function, which features a standby button at each end of the ironer to stop the feeding table and activate the vacuum table, to allow just one operator to load the ironer. An optional integrated length folder offers two automated folding clamps to improve productivity while reducing labour costs.

As with all laundry equipment in the Line 6000 range, operator ergonomics formed a crucial pillar of the R&D process. The user interface has been positioned at the optimum height to minimise awkward neck movements during operation, while the clamp height has also been repositioned to reduce shoulder elevations. A new and improved stacker height also allows for more ergonomic linen handling. Subsequently, all Line 6000 flat work ironer models have subsequently been awarded the prestigious 4-star rating from the Ergonomics Certifying Institute (ErgoCert).

As well as improving operator ergonomics, the range also features class-leading hygiene features, including the trademarked Direct Ironer Advance Moisture Management System (DIAMMS). Given the scope for bacteria to thrive in moist linen, DIAMMS Technology guarantees hygienic dryness by using sensors to regulate cylinder speed depending on the linen fibre, thickness and level of residual moisture. DIAMMS subsequently guarantees hygienically dry linen* in line with RABC international. standards. Additional hygienic control is provided by the Certus Management Information System (CMIS) which monitors and tracks each stage of the laundry process.

“Ultimately, while we are hopefully over the worst of the pandemic, OPL operators will have to heavily rely on the ingenuity of their equipment to help maintain both productivity and hygiene standards in the face of challenging staffing conditions. Thankfully, the latest commercial ironing equipment looks well placed to step to the plate,” says Christian.

Safe, high throughput

Girbau's PB and PBP ironers are, says the company, offer efficiency, easy and very safe usage while offering high throughput and consistent ironing quality. They range from the smallest PB-3215 with a 1.5 metre ironing width and 325mm diameter cylinder, up to the largest PB-5132 with a 3.2 metre ironing width and 510mm diameter cylinder. With both PB and PBP dryer ironers it is possible to process garments taken straight out of a Girbau HS high speed washer, without needing to use a separate dryer.

The PBP models use photocell detectors to measure and automatically fold items in a single lane accurately regardless of their length and without the operator needing to manually input the size. As an option the PBP models offer the facility of fully automatic folding in 1, 2 or 4 lanes. The feeding table positioned for maximum comfort and ease of use. Enhanced safety features include a hand guard protection system.

Girbau’s radiant burner technology and chrome plated Care Touch cylinder ensure even heating across the whole roller, preventing hot spots which can otherwise affect the ability to achieve high quality results and throughput. The Care Touch cylinder’s 270° angle enables high-productivity processing speeds of up to 15 metres per minute on some models.

The Autospeed function automatically adjusts ironing speed depending on the type of material and humidity for consistent high-quality results. The strap tensioning system maintains a uniform ironing cylinder pressure for high quality ironing and a smooth finish. It has also proven to be consistently lower maintenance than other tensioning systems. With the Optifeed function, a green light shows the warmest part of the roller at any given time, indicating the optimal place to feed in the next item for both quality results and efficiency.

Programming and controlling the PB ironers is straightforward and intuitive thanks to Girbau’s INTELI control. Easily understood icons show the program in use, the real and the programmed temperature, the speed and the length of the article. The system also suggests the optimum and most productive operating mode.

All machine parts are easy to access for maintenance and the lint filter is easy to clean. Safety mechanisms that protect the operator include a handguard and double sensor hand protector.

“Designed for consistent, high-quality results, crisply ironed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, Girbau PB and PBP dryer ironers offers models to suit every size of on premise laundry,” says Jeremy Challis, sales director, Girbau UK. “By looking at your current and projected production requirements and available laundry space, we can help you to choose the best system for your needs.

“We can demonstrate the ironer in use, which most find extremely useful when making the buying decision. It is easier to understand and evaluate the many features of modern dryer ironers when you see somebody else using it as you would. Girbau customers also benefit hugely from on site training after a new ironer has been installed. This helps users to make efficient use of the ironer and achieve high quality results as they become more proficient." 

For customers looking to upgrade from an OPL ironer to a small industrial scale operation, the Girbau Compact+ 5 in 1 ironer offers an ideal next step solution. It combines drying, high quality ironing finish, folding and stacking to offer a space saving and high productivity solution with just a single operator.