JESSE Healthcare Linen Services (JESSE for short) is arguably the most advanced laundry in China. The company has the best water consumption in China, and likely the highest level of disinfection and PPOH in China as well. The main flagship laundry is in the south of Shanghai. Jesse now processes 150 tons of linen as a group, 80+ a day in Shanghai, now has four tunnels, and it is the first Hohenstein-approved laundry in China.

Making a big investment in new high-end equipment is not an easy decision. According to Alvin Zheng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jesse, the thought process for building an entirely new heavy-duty laundry plant in Shanghai is “all about ROI”.

Zheng explains that currently, they have five large-scale medical textile laundry plants, with a daily processing output of around 120 tons. In 2013, Jesse became the first laundry in China to earn the professional washing quality certification for medical textiles by the German Hohenstein Institute RAL-GZ 992/2, which is the highest standard for washing and disinfecting medical textiles worldwide. Each year overseas inspectors fly in to review the processes, and JESSE is notably the only laundry in China that has continuously followed Hohenstein’s strict regulations for monitoring washing quality for over five years.

Jesse’s new large-scale medical textile laundry plant in Fengxian, Shanghai has integrated the most advanced equipment to achieve the highest levels of disinfection, wash quality, and finishing quality for flatwork linen as well as uniforms. This arguably makes it one of the most advanced optimised laundries in China.

This optimised material flow starts with proper sorting via a Jensen Futurail sorting platform and rail system which greatly reduces the number of required personnel and space required for carts. Dirty linen is sorted more precisely and effectively and at the same time it eliminates the possibility of linen touching the ground. Utilising a sorting platform with rail system allows a laundry to increase overall efficiency, streamlining linen flow and increases ease of compliance to regulations.

Washing technology

For the washing technology, Jesse paired Jensen barrier washer extractors and Jensen Universal tunnel washers to meet the highest international standards for soil removal and disinfection. For the tunnel washer, its 285° swivel angle as well as additional beaters offer what Jensen claims is the best mechanical action in the industry. Also, chemicals and water are based on actual batch weight for best possible stain removal, disinfection and wash quality.

For flatwork finishing equipment, Jensen’s Jenrail for remote feeding, the Logic Plus and the Basic feeder delivery high quality feeding for both large and small piece linen. Their ironers are all flexible chest ironers, in front of the Classic folder. Chest ironers offer an enormous advantage to a finishing line. In addition to heating the linen, they press the linen for a beautifully flat finishing result. They also operate at faster speeds and significantly reduced energy bills.

For garments, Jesse operates a full Metricon garment handling system with an Omega tunnel dryer and Butterfly Fox garment folder. The system automatically dries, ironers, and folds each uniform, reducing manpower, saving on energy and offering top quality garment finishing.

Jesse follows a customer-oriented approach to operation and its commitment to providing customer with higher quality services at better prices drives a large part of its equipment-purchasing decisions. Zheng explains: “We invest in technology to improve each and every step of production. Doing so increases efficiency, improves product quality, guarantees reliable delivery times, and allows for even the finest details of customer requirements to be perfected. Getting a better ROI ensures that we are a more competitive company in the long run.”

In terms of both factory layout and equipment, Jesse Linen follows all requirements of the Chinese Ministry of Health WS/T 508-2016. They also boast a variety of international certifications: ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Certification, and more.