Girbau has added a new range of dryers that it says can make a sifgnificant reduction in gas use. “Comparing Girbau’s ED260 with our previous generation GU030 dryer, we are typically seeing a saving of between £2 and £3 in gas use for each full day of operation,” says Peter Rankin, managing director of Girbau UK.

Available in six models from 14.5kg up to 62.5kg, ED series dryers ensure all items including delicates are dried safely, uniformly and cost-effectively. A built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process. Unique to Girbau, the stainless steel Care Touch drum features recessed vents, no sharp edges and a highly polished surface to protect and preserve delicate fabrics.

The wide opening door makes loading and unloading quick and easy while a large capacity lint filter and easy access to drive system makes maintenance simple..

Girbau also recently launched its first professional grade under counter dryers. The machines combine energy efficiency, compact size and durability making them ideal for a wide range of OPL applications.

A 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and an 8kg capacity model is vented. The new dryer’s Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring fabric care. Its convenient auto programs save energy, too.

Girbau’s trademarked Butterfly drying, tumbling in a figure of eight movement, non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt. The dryer can also be stacked on top of the comany’s new under counter washer.

Mick Christian, regional training and development manager for Electrolux Professional UK & Ireland is keen for operators to take alook at the company’s Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 range’s benefits from a host of energy saving features Startiong with the ranges’ washer, he says minimising the moisture content of the linen helps reduce the power output required to complete the cycle, while also reducing the volume of dewatering required at the drying phase. “Yet, where an OPL’s potential to really drive efficiencies lies in partnering the Line 6000 washer with its heat pump dryer counterpart,” he says.

Heat pump dryers have often been perceived as a sustainable alternative to vented dryers, but without being able to offer comparable cycle times. However, the Line 6000 heat pump dryer takes inspiration from heat pump technology used in air conditioning applications and includes a new inverterdriven compressor and electronic valve. These combine to significantly reduce temperature fluctuations and provide better control, ultimately delivering cycle times which are much closer to vented dryers but with a fraction of the energy consumption – allowing up to 65% energy saving in the drying process.

Alliance Laundry Systems has the new C-Dryer, condenser dryer, displayed with the matching semi-commercial front load washer, marketed in Europe under the Speed Queen Professional name.“The Speed Queen C-Dryer is our latest innovation and a condenser dryer capable of drying a full load in less than an hour, making this model the fastest condenser dryer on the market. When paired with the Speed Queen front load washer, this is the perfect professional laundry equipment for small businesses,” according to a spokesperson for Alliance.

Domus now offers heat pump dryers from 8-10 kg up to 22kg. “They don’t need water to refrigerate or an exhaust connection to the exterior, so they are ideal for laundries with no vent access to exterior,” says Gemma Colomer of Domus. “The patent of the new heat exchanger means we can really heat up the hot air and dry air which allows for shorter cycle times. Maintenance is easy from the front so great for coin laundries.”

Meanwhile, the Busy Bees nursery chain has selected Miele Professional to provide its nurseries with the flagship Little Giants washer (Model PWM 307) and dryer range (PDR307), which includes special programmes tailored to the hygiene requirements of childcare facilities and schools.