As a manufacturer of large industrial machines, Lapauw may not be the first name that comes to mind for an OPL laundry planner but the company is no stranger to the sector, as it has equipped many hotels and resorts with machines that increase productivity and efficiency significantly, from washerextractors to dryers and through to the ironing/finishing line.

Lapauw CEO Philippe D’Heygere says its washer-extractors are a valuable asset to OPL laundries, especially when it concerns larger resorts where its 3-pocket machines bring some distinct features and advantages to the table. Thanks to the separate compartments, large sheets and duvet covers can be processed in sufficient quantities with no entangling. This is a design feature that increases productivity greatly as the personnel does not need to disentangle the sheets after they come out of the washer, removing a process that is not only tasking for the operator but also has its impact on productivity and, thus, overall cost, when unloading the washers and when feeding the ironers.

The 3-pocket washer also increases productivity on another level, especially for OPL in larger resorts. Where smaller city and business hotels work with multiple small open pocket washers (due to varying working regimes, as the occupancy is variable and the clientele leaves at different times), large resorts have a more constant workload that negates the advantages offered by operating various small machines. Here, the 3-pocket washers offer the flexibility to wash different types of linen simultaneously in one machine. As long they have the same soil level and material (for example bath towels, face and hand towels and bath mats. With this procedure, the linen comes out of the washers presorted which increase productivity in the finishing aisle.

And, with its Mediwave range, Lapauw also offers barrier washers which fit into the increasing demand for hygiene, even in hotel OPL laundries.


• Non-mechanical action you can use to dry all your items that do not go in a tumble dryer.

• ECO friendly with low energy consumption.

• Built-in sanitization program greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants. • Electrically heated with recirculation air using fans.

• Built with high-quality coated galvanized steel for durability.

• 20+ years life expectancy with very little upkeep needed, no matter the usage.

• Our state-of-the-art Humidity Tracking System, allows you the ability to control the desired humidity for your garments.

• Easy to reach display panel and easy to navigate programs with display, buttons and braille.


PODABs newly developed drying cabinets offer solutions for self-service and professional installations with the latest innovative technology and software. We offer drying cabinets of the highest quality in different sizes and different interiors to best compliment your laundry room. Drying cabinets have huge benefits over tumble dryers because they dry without mechanical action. Though traditional dryers will work for some of your items, more delicate pieces that are difficult to dry as well as heavy duty garments require a drying cabinet. If you prefer fast drying or need to dry large quantities, we have the products you’re looking for. Our drying cabinets are energy efficient, durable, reliable and user friendly. The drying cabinets are automatically programmed to measure both rest humidity and the correct temperature for each drying segment.

Lapauw offers the following washerextractor range:

■ Open pocket from 100 up to 300 kg

■ 3 compartments from 100 up to 300 kg

■ Mediwave : 60, 80, 110 and 200 kg.

Skipping nimbly from Lapauw’s HQ in Belgium to Spain, Sergi Obiols, segment manager OPL washers of Girbau tells LCN: “The launch of Girbau’s new Genius series of washing machines has been a huge success in the sector, being positively received and praised for the innovative features it brings to the professional laundry sector. Girbau’s aim with the GENIUS series is to combine efficiency, production and sustainability, providing the customer with the best service with the least impact on the environment.

A 360° vision concept has been included in the series, which facilitates the visibility of the machines to see their status from any point and perspective in the laundry. We have also created a system that allows the customer to monitor the washbasin from anywhere, with their mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Moreover, ergonomics and ease of access are translated into features such as wide door width and a large opening angle, allowing for quick loading, and unloading of linen. On the other hand, Genius has a waterproof and impact-resistant control screen that is incredibly large to facilitate user interaction with the machine in an extremely intuitive way.

In terms of sustainability, says Obiols, Genius implements a higher spin efficiency (450 G), which allows considerable energy savings. In addition, its advanced technology enables monitoring and correcting the vibrations of the wash cycle and achieves excellent performance in the safest way.

Furthermore, this series can reduce washing process time by 10% and electricity consumption by 30%, maintaining the quality standards in cleaning and treatment of linen, and increasing its durability over time.

“Moreover, the Genius series has become the most efficient and sustainable on the market, not only during the washing but also in the drying process by reducing energy consumption by up to 15%,” says Obiols.

“With each kWh unit typically costing businesses around 50p, the savings for machines used all day every day are substantial,” says Peter Rankin, managing director of Girbau UK. “For eight cycles per day for 365 days, that’s a saving of £1,460 each year.”

An example of innovation to solve issues related to disinfection, much on minds since Covid, is the Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP) integrated in Sapphire, Girbau’s intelligent remote control software. DMP aims to support the user in the tasks of prevention and disinfection of garments, which are essential to prevent diseases and increase the safety of both employees and customers in the establishment.

The Genius GS7 is available with capacities ranging from 9 to 32kg, the water extraction and a 10-inch colour user interface. Girbau’s latest gentle Care Plus drum also assures textile care.

Genius Series washers are equipped with Girbau’s easy to use Sapphire cloud-based management system that allows users to completely monitor, manage and configure a laundry. Data is stored and processed in the cloud, making it is easy to view activity reports via a PC, laptop, tablet or phone. The software has a smart-alerts system that sends an SMS text or email when there is any irregularity in how machines are working. Metrics that you can use to analyse laundry operation include production by weight in kg over an up to 30-day period. You can also set up activity reports and use the alarms feature to show down times and check machine history.

An optional integral weighing system measures every load and automatically adjusts programs to optimise cycle time, lower water and chemical usage and improve productivity. A key feature of the Genius Series programming is the ability to switch from OPL to vended mode, using a QR code to download the app.

Miele Professional is another brand with a big presence in OPL. According to Charlie Robards, business development manager at Miele Professional: “The latest generation of Benchmark washing machines can save on utilities as they require up to 30% less energy and 20% less water than previous generations. For businesses with extensive laundry needs, such as care homes and hotels, introducing this type of machine can reduce utility bills significantly, and make OPL much more financially efficient.

Using a machine that offers short cycle times while still thoroughly cleaning items to the high standards required, is another way these machines help to save on utility bills. Miele’s Benchmark machines offer a programme with a cycle time of only 45 minutes.

Choosing a machine that offers programmable controls will allow businesses to determine wash parameters, including temperatures and spin cycles, for individual items. This allows laundry staff to wash items thoroughly, while optimising the amount of energy and water use. For example, businesses such as care homes that regularly wash heavily soiled items, like bedding, can set their machines to a programme that washes items at the temperatures required by the Department of Health regulations.

Domus is a popular choice for OPL, large and small, and last year’s centenary year for the company saw it unveiling big innovations in its line-up. The Covid lockdown had allowed the company space and time to develop a new range of washer extractors, among other items, enabling it to offer its customers, whom it had been consulting with, the solutions they needed for their individual businesses.

Look out for Domus washer extractors equipped with Domus Ecovolution technology. “This easily enables IoT for free in the form of connectivity and telemetry and offers superior efficiencies in water and chemicals. (See UxOUkQ)

Domus communications and marketing manager Gemma Colomer says: “Energy optimisation is key in any laundry and our machines have been designed for that. Domus offers an optimised design and programming as well as a unique accessory, the Ecotank solution – water recovery tanks – alongside features that ensure the most accurate use of chemicals. (Check this video to see the advantages and savings. https://

“We keep investing in technology, and have managed to achieve optimal water and energy consumption without compromising on wash quality, which is key for any laundry business.

“An important point to consider in relation to industrial washing machines is energy consumption, and here too we have the most energy-efficient machines on the market. We have the highest G factor on the market, which allows us to shorten the subsequent drying cycle and thus save energy. (Please watch: pMw9E6HQ3Lg) In addition, the TOUCH II programmer lets us adjust the water and detergent consumption depending on each load, further optimising efficiency.

“Another essential accessory is the exclusive Domus Ecotank water recovery system, which allows you to save up to 70% on water consumption.

“We believe our new models with 22 kg, 28 kg, 60 kg and 80 kg capacities are also worthy of note. Four new models round off our wide range of industrial washing machines (11 kg, 14 kg, 18 kg, 35 kg, 45 kg, 100kg and 120kg) and dryers up to 80kg, the biggest ones now with an automatic sliding door, ideal for installation in industrial laundries or hotels,” says Colomer.

Meanwhile, there is a new option for OPL installations and upgrades in the UK and Ireland, albeit with one brand that many OPL operators will already be familiar with. Weir Laundry Equipment has recently become an exclusive sales partner for commercial laundry equipment including Electrolux Professional offering washing and drying, along with flatwork preparation, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking by Image Laundry Systems. The tie up with Electrolux is extremely positive, says WLE managing director Ross Weir, as it offers, along with Image’s ironers, a turnkey ‘wash and dry’ solution.

Also serving the UK and Ireland market is Industrial Laundry Equipment (ILE) which itself is importing and installing total laundry solutions from China under its managing director Richard Brown.

And, check out Milnor’s range of compact washer extractors. Managing director of Milnor, Thierry Lambermont, says: “Pellerin Milnor Corporation is dedicated to providing reliable and long-lasting industrial equipment built to withstand the demands of the business. Our commitment to quality and durability ensures that the equipment will perform at the highest level for years to come.


JLA says reasons for healthcare providers businesses bringing their laundry under their own control rather than outsourcing include having compete control over quality and no incorrect returns or unexpected price rises.

Olivia Nolan, JLA’s business development director tells LCN: “Healthcare providers nationwide are now avoiding the hassle of outsourced laundry to clean and ­finish their laundry on site. Thanks to our energy-ef­ficient and space-saving machines, we’re helping many of those providers make the switch and realise the benefi­ts,” she says.

“After ­five decades working with healthcare providers across the UK and Ireland, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges of outsourced laundry provision. Late returns, time lost to stock counting and short returns are common enough issues – but when you’re also committed to quality care, the last thing you need is patients and staff complaining about stains or bad smells. And that’s before you factor in the potential costs of rising fees and minimum charges.”

She says JLA has helped countless healthcare professionals bring laundry facilities back on site to quickly reduce costs, stock held, and remove what can often become a logistics headache. More importantly, she reckons it has helped these providers regain full control of a critical part of their operation.

“With an on-site laundry, it’s much simpler to tweak cleaning schedules to suit your peak and quiet periods. At the same time, late deliveries, incorrect stock and varying ­finish quality all stop being problems, while you enjoy more consistent results, cycle after cycle. On top of this, you’ll no longer need to manage paperwork for deliveries, and valuable staff won’t have to waste time on stock checking.”

Nolan also claims taking laundry inhouse also delivers measurable cost savings. “Through ­xed and transparent pricing, lower processing costs, and no penalties, surprise charges or annual increases – not to mention machines designed with eff­iciency in mind – you can more reliably budget while enjoying ongoing savings of up to 40%. And because our machines come with pre-set wash programmes and auto-dosed chemicals, staff can operate them with no need for additional training costs.

“Whether you’re setting up a new central laundry or upgrading your existing setup, our experts are here to make sure you’ll get the most from your investment. We offer a range of low-energy, high-capacity Smart washing machines, which calculate exactly how much water and detergent a load needs, alongside our industry-leading S.A.F.E dryers, which feature an in-built sprinkler system to eliminate the risk of a dryer fi­re.” JLA’s most popular models can handle loads up to 180kg which Nolan says is perfect for high volumes and round-the-clock use. “Barrier systems are also available to help you safely process potentially contaminated linen and clothing. Many of our systems offer instant disinfection verifi­cation, adding another layer of reassurance,” she says.

JLA is keen to point out its service back up of 450 engineers based all over the UK, plus fast access to over a million spare parts, as well as its Total Care package which, for a monthly fee, allows operators to pay nothing upfront for new laundry equipment, and gives free installation with 24/7 emergency support, including servicing and repairs, plus access to essential documents, bills and engineer booking in the JLA portal…