Spa Brokers, the specialist insurance provider for the textile care sector, has introduced a service that will take care of the extra paperwork and administration involved in making a claim.

Companies will, in the event of a disaster, be able to call on the services of a local claims handler and have the costs covered, giving them more time to spend on rebuilding their business.

The policy allows for the claims handler to visit within 24 hours of the claim being reported, attend all meetings and handle all correspondence, make essential temporary arrangements, co-ordinate services such as surveyors, builders or decorators and negotiate the best possible settlement as quickly as possible.

Explaining the reasoning behind the new scheme, Charles Foulkes, the man behind Spa Brokers said: “ Paying for specialist services after the disaster has happened can cost tens of thousands of pounds, none of which you can claim from your insurers. Now we can provide the peace of mind and support businesses need all at a nominal annual cost.” The loss recovery scheme will be offered to both established and new customers insured under Spa’s specialist textile care policies.