Two trends currently dominate the laundry chemicals market, first the long standing environmental influence and more recently the rapidly rising costs of raw materials.

Both have a considerable effect on the way chemical formulations are developed, and indeed the two trends are becoming inter-twined. For example,

phosphate-free products are a response both to the rising raw material costs, and to demands for reductions in their use on environmental grounds. Some countries operate a phosphate ban and this move could spread.

Pressures on laundries’ operational costs increase so that they need to adopt systems that save resources and use chemicals efficiently, both for their own benefit and on ecological grounds. So the chemical specialists have developed products that operate at low temperatures, more accurate dosing systems and have broadened their expertise to include energy and water management systems.

Their service must also go beyond supply and meeting delivery dates. The ability to provide advice

is becoming ever more important.


COMPANY AND RANGE: Last year’s rebranding exercise, effective across Europe, produced a more streamlined and more easily recognisable portfolioof chemicals. This is based around two core lines, the Majestic powders and Jetstream liquids, but the company also continues to offer a full range of degreasants, bleaches, conditioners, disinfectants and ancillary products.

DEVELOPMENTS: The price of phosphate has increased five-fold in the last six months, and this massive rise has caused the development of phosphate-free powders such as Majestic Classic free and Majestic Supabrite free. An improved phosphate-free liquid detergent, Metajet Ultra has also been introduced. Some European countries already have phosphate bans and Christeyns used the expertise gained to develop these phosphate-free formulae, adapting some products for the UK market. The changeover has already begun and there are no concerns about quality, with the changes being generally accepted. Other successful introductions include Supaclene, a low-foam version of Oscopol. Sales of Ivory liquid starch continue to grow.

The Sanoxy System based around Sanoxy Liquid continues to do well, producing significant savings in water and energy backed up by improved hygiene. The company is also selling increasing amounts of Personril – a peracetic acid based bleach and disinfectant – for lower temperature wash processes.

The raw material market is currently volatile. Prices are rising almost weekly in many cases and some materials are becoming scarce. Christeyns is continuing to look at possible ways to formulate alternative products to avoid or minimise the use of certain raw materials and to try to maintain costs near to their previous levels. Previous supply contracts, which lasted six or twelve months, are only being renewed for a maximum of three months and the outlook for the coming year does not look good. With this in mind it is even more important to ensure correct dosage levels and good practice in the laundry. Sophisticated dosing systems and Christeyns’ experienced technical support ensure that product wastage is kept to a minimum and that the washing processes are set at optimum levels.


COMPANY: The CHT group has been established for more than fifty years. Although it serves a wide range of industries, it has particular expertise in textiles and can offer individual washing solutions for textile care applications. The headquarters are in Germany but CHT UK, based near Stockport, has operated for over 30 years and its business includes manufacturing, quality control, technical services and warehousing.

RANGE: CHT offers a full range of laundry products: Beiclean wetters and emulsifiers in liquid and powder form; Beiplex dispersers and sequestrants; Beibleach bleaching and disinfection agents; Beiblanc optics, optical brightening agents/ fluorescent brightening agents ( OBAs/FBAs); Beiacid neutralisation agents; Beisoft softening and conditioning agents; Beippret starching and shaping agents in liquid and powder form; and Beiphob stain and water protection.

DOSING SySTEM: The Smartec compact dosing system is designed to use only the chemicals that are essential for a particular process. Washing, active surfactants, alkalis , sequestering agents and optical brighteners are dosed. Only the minimum that is essential for the best results is used.

DEVELOPMENTS: Beiclean FDO emulsifier is designed to deal with large areas of oil and grease and with greasy residues that have become difficult to remove. It is effective on both mineral/sillicone oil soils as well as saponifiable natural fats. It does not contain alkalis or OBAs and can be used on both white and coloured garments.

Beiphob SR Ultra and Beiphob SR Ultra X are protective finishes designed both to help soil removal during washing and repel water and oil-based soils after drying. Beiphob SR Ultra A is designed mainly for workwear in engineering and metal working companies, while Beiphob SR Ultra-X is designed for workwear in the food and catering sectors. Other new products include Beisoft RGH, a high performance hydrophilic silicone finish for easy care/easy iron properties and Beisoft SH, a silver-based anti- microbial hydrophilic finishing agent.


COMPANY AND RANGE: Rexodan has over 27 years experience in producing laundry chemicals. Its Lo-Temp powder range was introduced four years ago and a series of liquid products now complements this.

DEVELOPMENTS: The Lo-Temp complete liquid system is an advanced range that has been specifically formulated for 40C washing in healthcare establishments, hotels, schools and other OPLs.

Lo-Temp Rexo-San effectively kills MRSA and other bacteria. Lo-Temp liquid laundry is a high performance, fully-built, non-biological, liquid detergent that launders a broad range of classifications at 40C.

Lo-Temp laundry colour is a high performance fully-built non-biological detergent that is free from OBAs, enzymes, phosphates and bleach and effectively launders a broad range of classifications, even delicates, at 40C.

Lo-Temp emulsifier is a high performance emulsifier specially formulated for removing heavy oil and grease soiling at 40C. It will also break-down and remove protein stains such as blood, milk and food stains.

All laundry chemicals are supplied in easy to handle containers. Complete orders are delivered promptly.

COMPANY SUPPORT: Rexodan’s professional, personal customer care team can offer expertise in advanced chemical technology and give technical advice on processing, on options to reduce energy and on ways to improve productivity.

Lo-Temp is a registered trademark

P&G Professional

RANGE: P&G brands, Ariel, Ariel Hygiene Bold and Daz are all available in expert formula versions which work at 40C . There are products for specific sectors.

Ariel Expert formula for hotels is tough on grease and food stains. Ariel Hygiene Expert formula for Care homes copes with heavy soiling and kills 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA and influenza A.

Bold Expert formula for B&Bs is designed for high power cleaning and produces soft bedlinen and towels. Its light perfume adds long-lasting freshness.

Daz Expert formula for restaurants, makes sure white fabrics stay brilliantly white.

The Ariel 40C auto-dose system is a fully dosed laundry system designed for care homes. It is suitable for homes with 20 or more beds and installation, training and service are provided free-of charge. It can be used with Professional Ariel and Lenor liquids and Professional Ace hygiene stain-buster to provide, bed linen towels and clothing that is clean, fresh, soft and disinfected.


COMPANY AND RANGE: Ecolab’s textile care division provides expertise in a broad range of categories, allowing it to be not just a supplier but a service partner.

Its expertise covers washing systems, dosing technology, water and energy management, service and consultancy, and data management.

Its range of chemicals covers detergents, including

fully-built types and special options, a liquid range, alkaline and surfactant boosters, softeners, neutralisers, bleaches and disinfectants.

DEVELOPMENTS: The company has recently launched the PerFormance modular energy-and water-saving system. Three modules allow laundries to choose water- and energy-saving systems that fit in with their strategy and investment plans, with the possibility of advancing to the next stage at a future date.

PerFormance Basis combines an innovative low temperature washing process, including disinfection and bleaching, with water recycling systems.

PerFormance Plus is based on a detailed analysis of the whole laundry from boiler to finishing sections and, in addition to low temperature washing, brings in water and energy management systems.

PerFormance Ultimate allows new laundries to adopt a steam-free system so that they do not need a boiler or boiler house.

Ozonit PerFormance is a special bleach for use with the system.

Additions to the chemical range include Magic Soft and Fresh, a softener for use in the dryer that can replace liquid varieties. Its benefits include: long-lasting fragrance, the elimination of static electricity and anti-wrinkling functions that result in a smooth finish. It can be used on all fabrics that can be tumble dried and is easy to use.