By now, the marketplace knows that Industrial Laundry Equipment (ILE) is a safe and strong choice when it comes to all sorts of laundry equipment.Tunnel systems, ironing lines and other large production equipment are one thing but everyone needs washers and dryers so over the last few years, ILE has worked closely with the factories to ensure that they not only have the ability to offer a choice of high-quality premium machines and good quality economy alternates but that the customer can be assured of the very best in terms of efficiency too.

A changing market has seen smaller brave laundries show confidence and really grow since the pandemic began. Being able to work with ILE and knowing that you can choose strong and robust equipment puts you in a powerful position.

ILE Premium washers over 25kg all come with 7” colour touchscreens as standard and have features designed to provide the customer with extra efficiency and flexibility without the need to specify or choose additions on day one. The PLC allows you mix water to the desired temperature, to fill from hot or cold as standard, to have or remove a thermal level protection and more importantly to choose the level of water in the drum by the centimetre.You don’t have to select from predetermined levels and can choose to increase/ decrease water levels to anything you wish. 10cm, 11cm 12 cm, 40cm and so on…

ILE washers also allow the same level of programmability with the wash action, spin speeds and chemical dosing times/ volumes. You can have wash programs with one phase or dozens, so if you only want a rinse and spin or you want four pre washes and six main washes, the choice is yours (although this one wouldn’t be efficient). The high-quality stainless-steel drums and perforated ribs help care for linen and also rinse more efficiently.

All of the large premium washers (40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg and 120kg) come configured to work as a hot water fed machine, steam heated or electrically heated! You choose how we install it and can change to the other options any time your requirements or plans change. This means that you can buy and install as part of a big plant using a steam boiler but if you replace the boiler, you do not have to replace your washers!

Unlike many other machines, we make sure that even our 100kg or 120kg washers come with 60kw of heating elements built in. While this will not allow you to heat efficiently from cold, it means you can feed them directly with hot water and use the built-in elements to raise and hold temperatures to ensure a stable wash or thermal disinfection.

The larger premium machines also come with double drains as standard! This means you can recover water if you wish. If you don’t want to then you can drain quicker or only connect one drain but again the choice is yours!

The premium range is a beautiful, efficient and flexible machine of the highest quality. But it should be noted that the ILE economy washers still come with the same flexibility and efficiency as we have designed them with a 10” colour touch screen and all of the same programming flexibility as the premium range but on a more modest platform.

We know that increasing demands and the spiralling labour costs mean that laundries are looking at ways to speed up the process and save money whilst maintaining efficiency, quality and reliability.With laundries frequently having 50 and 100kg washers, it is surprising how many do not choose to install the larger dryers available too.

ILE dryers come in three types, each with its own benefits.The OD range of dryers is available in smaller OPL sizes but also comes with a version specifically for the larger laundries needs. 50kg,100kg and a huge 125kg machine boasting twin burners are available.

The OD range comes as standard with a lcd digital programmer which allows you to program 20 programs and set time, temperature, cool-down, forward/reverse cycling, rotation speeds and many other parameters. The door is up to 50% larger than many other machines on the market to allow for easier loading and unloading. Available in 13kg, 15kg, 25kg, 35kg, 50kg, 100kg an 125kg options.

A highly polished, mirror finish stainless steel drum is also standard and not only adds to the premium finish but works to decrease friction and linen damage.

ILE GZZ dryers come with a fully industrial feel and are available in 30kg, 50kg, 70kg and 100kg options. The GZZ really is a beast of a machine which is suitable for traditional environments but is also being successfully used for drying rubber-backed floor mats.

ILE has developed this range with its factory engineers and they now come as standard with high quality full colour touchscreens, full flexibility to allow you to program every parameter, humidity sensors to dry to a set residual moisture level and impressively boast twin inverters for the fan and drive motors which means you can adjust the number of rotations per minute and set how quickly the air is drawn through the linen.

If you really need a larger production machine then ILE can offer you a pass-through range of dryers which are designed for integration in to ILE tunnel systems but can equally as well be supplied as standalone machines loaded with conveyor systems.

Two machines with a 25: 1 loading ratio giving loading capacities of 100kg and 150kg are available in steam, gas or thermal oil options. The steam version uses two extra efficient vertical stainless steel heater batteries to reduce running costs and give more reliability. Intelligent moisture control is available to give flexibility and control over the drying process whilst improving drying quality and efficiency. These machines come with a forward tilting function and automatic air direction control to give fast and efficient unloading.

As with all of the ILE premium products the inner drum and filter use stainless steel as standard. Transmission and fan motors are both inverter controlled and both the inlet and outlet air temperatures are measured to give an accurate efficient drying process.

ILE washers and dryers are in many sites across the UK and are allowing laundries of all sizes to process large quantities of linen, towels and mats in a quick and efficient manner.

So, remember, whether you are a business with an on-premises laundry, a small commercial laundry or a large-scale industrial operation, you can choose from over 30 different washers and dryers in our range of 13-125kg machines.

Substantial stock levels mean that we will almost certainly have what you need in stock, when you want it too.