We understand that having a reliable equipment supplier can make all the difference. Our goal is to understand what our customers need, the challenges they face, and how we can support them, says Washco sales manager, Debbie Jones. “Of course, equipment is important, but it is just a small part of the equation when it comes to finding the right solution.”

“There are often competing priorities, physical limitations, and different budget requirements which must be understood to deliver a successful laundry. My first question is always, ‘if you had a wish list, what would you wish for?’ From there we help can work out what is possible, says Jones.

One example would be a recent project with Super Laundry which has a 2000+ square foot state-of-the-art laundry which processes around 8 million towels a year. Due to expansion, they needed additional capacity. More importantly, with a large number of customers relying on Super Laundry to deliver great service, they needed a partner who could be relied upon.

Jones explains: “We worked with Super Laundry to understand their requirements looking at lots of different elements including throughput, space, and operational capacity. Super Laundry decided to go ahead with five Primus FS800 80kg washers and five Primus DX90 gas heated dryers. As service is of paramount importance to Super Laundry, they chose Washco’s rental option. This includes installation by our specialist install team and our complete service package: full breakdown cover, all replacement parts, annual servicing, and annual service checks.”

William Ray, founder and director of Super Laundry said: “We are all delighted we chose you to be our preferred machinery partner, and here’s to a long and rewarding partnership for us both. The installation went without a hitch and I wanted to thank you for your unwavering support during these challenging times. Without your understanding of our business and the many challenges we have faced over the past 18 months, this exciting project that has been 16 months in the planning, may well have been delayed even further.”

Washco has also been utilising the latest technology to ensure that we can provide a futureproof solution to our customers.

“I’m passionate about using technology to give customers fast, efficient service which is why we introduced WashConnect,” enthuses Pete Hosking, MD at Washco. WashConnect uses the latest IoT technology combined with high-performance washers and tumble dryers.

Using a simple cloud-based system, both Washco and the customer have real-time visibility of the laundry process. Washco monitors the cloud looking out for any alarms and often knows if there is a problem before the customer does.

The first company to introduce Washconnect in the UK nearly four years ago was Speedy Laundry, based in High Wycombe. With one washer and one dryer Chris Gaynard, who owns the company is a big fan. “The reality is that I’ve not had lots of call-outs because they are really good machines which just keep going. One particular area which has been positive is updating the machine programmes. The team at Washco writes the programmes in Newbury and then just sends them to the machines. Completely hassle-free. In fact,” continues Gaynard, “I’d like to see this technology on other elements of the laundry process, for example, ironers.”

Both Super Laundry’s and Speedy Laundry’s experiences are examples of how Washco likes to develop long-term relationships with its customers, working in partnership to find the right solutions to their challenges.