Ozone is an effective option for laundries dealing with a high volume of hygiene linen, where washing with cold water leads to lower utility costs and increased washing capacity. Rapid-O is a total concept that consists of an ozone generator and dedicated chemicals that are combined in a wash process. The synergy between the ozone and the products results in efficiency improvements and an amazingly soft and fluffy end product.

Christeyns specifically developed the Rapid-O products for OPL in particular, to enhance the benefits of ozone in the wash process. Together with a compact and efficient ozone generator, the concept enables low temperature wash and shorter cycles which increases washing capacity, extends textile life and results in excellent softness and whiteness, says Christeyns.

What is ozone?

Inorganic molecule O3, known as trioxygen or ozone is a gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. The extra oxygen atom makes it a less stable gas than the diatomic O2 (dioxygen, generally known as oxygen), but also provides benefits during the wash process. When in contact with water, washing products and soiled textiles, the extra atom separates from its original molecule and is free to combine with other chemical compounds such as for example bleach or soil. Ozone gas is therefore a real laundry booster in your wash process: ­

  • It replaces the use of heat ­
  • It speeds up the destruction of soil ­
  • It accelerates the work of water and chemicals

The Rapid-O generator has been developed by Christeyns Engineering department. It is a compact, wall mounted system that generates ozonated air. The ozonated air flows via two regulated outlets to two independent wash extractors with a combined capacity of maximum 80kg.

The system doses a very low quantity of ozone (only 0.2-0.4ppm) and is injected continuously into the operating washer extractor. There is no batch system or separate tank as is often the case on the market. This low and continuous flow of ozone ensures optimal safety of the system and a guaranteed stable quality.

Ozone-generating systems come with necessary safety precautions as exposure to ozone can be harmful. It is important that the generator is reliable, secure, installed professionally and used as per guidance.