Guarantee Laundries has announced ambitious growth plans for the future of the business as it invests for expansion and hopes to fulfill its vision to be one of the first B Corp laundries in the UK. Guarantee Laundries has started out on a three year £1m investment programme to increase capacity at its large 40,000sq.ft. facility in Dorset.

“The move allows us to take in extra work from our current hotels and new hotels who are asking to join us. We hope with this increased focus and investment programme we will maintain our reputation which enabled us to win back-to-back industry awards for customer service. Most importantly it will further enhance our reliability and value for our current customers who have been so supportive through the pandemic,” said Guarantee’s managing director Faith Foote, pictured above with CEO Stuart Harris.

The laundry has also signed up to B Corp, a global movement that represents a force for good where conscious decisions are made to improve social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. In effect, B Corp’s aim is to be to business what Fair Trade is to coffee.

“Guarantee Laundries is very proud to supply the leading hotels in the south of England. We have worked very hard to carve out our niche in supplying the best commercial linen and towelling, which we launder to the highest possible standard for the 5-star-plus market. As everyone in the industry knows, it is impossible to get everything right all the time, and especially through the dark Covid times. However, we always put quality and customer service before everything. The value this provides our customers, in saving precious housekeeping time, is demonstrated by the fact that we have serviced most of our customers for many, many, years.

“We have taken bold strategic decisions over the last two years. Redrawing our geographical area, reducing the number of customer contracts, and consolidating our business to both facilitate our survival of the terrible financial consequences of the pandemic and to allow us to concentrate all our efforts on what we do best. Even though our customers by number have reduced from the start of 2020, we still have the majority of our turnover value,” said Faith Foote.