Rebecca and Rebecca à la Carte are fabric ranges which, says the manufacturer, Laffenmühle, will transform the way we look at workwear.

The new fabrics have been designed to match the watchwords of traditional uniforms, functional and smart, with elegance and innovation to create a look for the 21st century.

The soft and durable Rebecca range of chambray’s and stripes is complemented by Rebecca à la Carte, which is a departure from standard fabric ranges into the realm of individually-conceived designs.

Additionally, Laffenmühle offers crease-resistant fabrics with super soft handle, comfort and style, individually designed to enhance corporate identity and promote a smart, professional image.

A spokesman for Laffenmühle told LCN: “It is extremely reassuring to our customers that, as proven top performers in European hospitals, Laffenmühle fabrics deliver unbeatable care and durability, even after repeated laundering under industrial conditions.”