AAdvantage Laundry Systems, based in Garland, Texas, received the Outstanding First Year Performance Award at the Maytag Commercial Laundry 59th annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. The award is reserved for the distributor that showed great commitment to multi-housing sales and the Maytag brand in their first year.

“This is the first time Maytag Commercial Laundry has presented this award, and we are proud to recognise AAdvantage,” said Trey Northrup, general manager of Maytag Commercial Laundry.  “AAdvantage developed a plan, dedicated time and investments in order to grow their multi-housing presence. They worked to make sure their service and sales teams were knowledgeable about our products and setting themselves up for success beyond their first year.”

Mike Zuffinetti, CEO  and Ryan Smith, president, represented AAdvantage Laundry Systems at the awards dinner.

“What a way to celebrate our first year,” said Mike Zuffinetti of AAdvantage Laundry Systems. “We are certainly proud of everything we’ve accomplished this year. We are proud to collaborate with Maytag Commercial Laundry and look forward to future celebrations of success.”

OUTSTANDING: Pictured are (from left) Trey Northrup, general manager; Michelle Suhy, national sales manager; Mike Zuffinetti and Ryan Smith, AAdvantage Laundry Systems; Chad Lange, director of sales; and Brian Crespo, regional sales manager