Agrimond provides water and wastewater products for various applications, including laundry, water and wastewater treatment, and surface disinfection.

Its patented technologies and proven scientific experience provide efficient and effective industry specific water and wastewater treatment solutions.

The company’s goal is to conserve water and energy reducing overall operating costs with innovative technically sound customised systems.

Agrimond has created a more efficient way to wash linens using the oxidising power of ozone. Its patented TecH2Ozone Advanced Laundry Cleaning System (ALCS) is developed for use in the commercial laundry industry.

Currently, conventional commercial laundries use up to six different chemicals, wash in hot water and have wash cycles that range from 45minutes to over an hour per load.

Agrimond developed the TecH2Ozone ALCS to provide a continuous supply of ozonated water for the laundries with no change in the basic operation.

Ozone, an oxidiser 3,000 times more reactive than chlorine, reacts with all types of organic stains. This reduces the need for chemicals like chlorine, alkali and other chemicals normally required for washing.