Alliance Laundry Systems, the leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, is opening its STAR (Science, Technology and Research) Centre this year in the Czech Republic, a total investment of €2.4 million.
During Texcare International 2016, Alliance LS will introduce new controls for the product ranges of its brands, UniMac, Speed Queen, Huebsch, Ipso and Primus.
The UniMac display is designed for the OPL sector and will feature systems to help businesses reduce operating costs and maximise throughput. Machines can be linked by wireless network to help run more efficiently.
Speed Queen will present wireless and cloud-based systems for its store concept and Ipso is introducing a machine design at Texcare with smart solutions. The Primus product range will be expanded, with controls that set a new standard.

STAR OPENING: Alliance Laundry Systems is opening its STAR (Science, Technology and Research) Centre in the Czech Republic