The Alsco facility at San Diego, California, is the latest to have earned Textile Rental Services Association’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification. The certification reflects its commitment to best management practices (BMPs) in laundering as verified by TRSA inspection and its capability to produce hygienically clean textiles as quantified by ongoing microbial testing.

Alsco passed three rounds of outcome-based microbial testing, indicating that their processes are producing Hygienically Clean Healthcare linens and garments and zero presence of harmful bacteria.

To maintain their certification, laundry plants must pass quarterly testing to ensure that as laundry conditions change, such as water quality, textile fabric composition and wash chemistry, laundered product quality is consistently maintained.

“Congratulations to Alsco on their certification,” said Joseph Ricci, TRSA president and CEO. “This achievement proves their dedication to building their customers’ confidence that their laundry takes every step possible to prevent human illness.”