Carrying towels and robes to and from the sports centre can be inconvenient for customers, so clubs and gyms are supplying members with these items but ensuring enough stock to meet fluctuating demand can be a problem.

Cannon, a leading supplier of linen and garments, has witnessed a huge increase in business from these clubs.

“In recent months we have noticed an increased demand in the number of sports clubs we are now working with, as well as an increase in the service levels required by individual clubs,” said Oliver Weisflog, managing director of Cannon Hygiene. “To meet these fluctuations in demand, we have standardised our stock of towels and robes and so are able to keep large numbers of the same style in stock.”

He continued: “Clubs now have the flexibility and confidence to increase or reduce their orders, at short notice. There is no worry of replacing damaged or stolen stock, but instead the knowledge that they can rely on us each and every time.”

Reebok Sports Club in London is one club benefiting from Cannon’s service. The club has 4,000 members who use its state-of-the-art gym, restaurant and spa. “We need a laundry supplier with the flexibility to supply extra stock as required, so that we can always provide our customers with courtesy towels and robes,” said managing director, Ian Mahorney. “Cannon Laundry helped us to meet the expectations of our growing customer base.”