If you are a fan of Ideal Manufacturing’s quirky cartoon graphics you have a treat in store, writes Kathy Bowry. A highlight of this Christmas season is the chance to get your hands on a marvellous book illustrated by Eleanora Marton, creator of those Ideal images.

Not only is the book a great visual and storytelling experience, it is guaranteed to appeal to textile care people, whichever the sector – and whatever their ages. Sock Story tells the tale of a pair of socks, Phil and Dale, who become separated in the wash and follows the trials and tribulations they have to endure before they are reunited. Since reading this book I have been much more careful about pairing socks at home.

This book will appeal to adults and children alike and really is a tour de force in endearing story telling as well as being a steal at just £9.95. Available from all good bookshops and online book retailers.

Sock Story

Illustrations by Eleonora Marton

Words by C K Smouha