CINET was at the second FAPET Convention Ivory Coast, raising awareness of the importance of hygienically clean delivery and usage of textiles with industry professionals, clients and stakeholders. Between 21 and 24 May Cinet was in North West Africa attending  the Fédération Africaine des Professionnels de l’Entretien Textile (FAPET) Convention 2024, raising awareness of the importance of hygienically clean delivery and usage of textiles with industry professionals, clients and stakeholders.

A message from the president of The Economic, Environmental, Social and Cultural Council of Ivory Coast (CESEC), Eugène Aka Aouélé, underlined the importance of setting up a modern textile care service, especially for hospitals and other health care applications.

Many highlights

Over the four days of the convention, 200 attendees met in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, from 10 countries in North West Africa, to discuss the importance of hygienically clean deliveries in health care and hospitality. Cinet introduced the CERCLEAN® International Certification to delegates, while emphasising the need for hygienically clean delivery and usage of textiles in these applications.

Live TV report emphasises message

Fapet and Cinet were extremely proud to be featured for over three minutes on the Ivory Coast national news ‘Live Journal’. It was a clear message for the Ivory Coast market that hygienically clean delivery and usage of textiles is important, and included a plea for commitment to create high standards and job opportunities for young professionals in Ivory Coast and other countries in North West Africa.

Hygienically clean textile care

During a three hour session, Cinet introduced the hygienically clean concept for textile care several experts including Frédéric Whecler of TDU and Simon Hemmes of Cinet  explained the risks of textiles not meeting the required  standards according to Risk Analysis & Biocontamination Control (RABC) EN 14065, currently applied in many countries.  As to the question of how to organise this, Cinet’s CERCLEAN® International Certification was explained, as  a practical, digitalised guideline for an effective and efficient organisation.

Africa and the Cinet Global Best Practices Awards scheme

At this second Fapet event, the first Cinet/Fapet Africa Best Practices Awards programme was organised. Around 25 companies were registered as participants and after an evaluation of the jury 10 companies from five countries were invited as finalists to present their company to the International jury and the audience at the conference.

Overall winner

The Africa Overall Award was presented to Leader Pressing from Mali; the Innovation Award went to Arno Pressing from Cameroun, and; the Sustainability Award was taken by Pressing Belaroussi from Algeria. The event underlined once again the value of the Cinet Best Practices Awards concept for stimulating networking and new relationships.

Africa Best Practices Best Professional

After a full day of workshops on 21 May and based upon the E-Learning materials of the Cinet World of PTC Business School, modern PTC technologies and methodologies were discussed, focusing on introductions to both retail textile cleaning and industrial laundering. At the end of the afternoon, an exam was taken by the first group of 20 participants. The day thereafter all results were shared with the participants and Jean Michel Ndoussa from Ivory Coast was awarded the ‘Best Africa Best Practices Professional Award 2024’. Many congratulations to him.