At the start of the Corona pandemic, CINET created an international open-platform of co-operation, research and knowledge to share globally with members and partners on the new phenomenon.

CINET is also supporting national associations in lobbying for Professional Textile Care (PTC) to be recognised as a crucial sector during this crisis. Together with reputed PTC experts, CINET has swiftly developed protocols and recommendations for retail textile cleaning (drycleaning and wetcleaning) and industrial textile services (commercial laundries and linen rental operations) available on CINET’s WOPCOM platform. There is an increased focus on the topics that are critical for PTC companies, their clients and the communities they operate in, ie., the hygienic treatment of textiles and safe working conditions.

Sustainability, hygiene and digitalisation

At the same time, CINET is promoting discussions within the industry, such as how to develop new opportunities and business models for new turnover with a focus on sustainability, hygiene and digitalisation. This was already in process, however the urgency of bringing people together to brainstorm on new services, businesses, and so on is genuinely recognised. At, you can read an interesting material related to how PTC can effectively support the hospitality sector.

CINET webinars

CINET reports that it’s live Coronavirus Recommendation Webinars sessions received outstanding response and attendance. These sessions will be continued, with new topics based upon feedback received. The CINET Coronavirus Protocols and Recommendations, the Webinars and a lot more can be found on the WOPCOM platform ( CINET Members benefit from free access to WOPCOM. Non-CINET members may choose the subscription option that matches their profile and needs.