A L Wilson will feature a range of laundry and drycleaning stain removal products, all claimed to remove more stains and to do so safely and effectively. These include InkGo, Laundry TarGo, TarGo Dry, BonGo, RustGo, YellowGo, RiteGo, SpotsGo and QwikGo. Introduced last year, InkGo stain remover has been widely accepted by the industry. It eliminates ink stains and is safe for use on all types of fabric – even acetates.

The company says that a cleaner’s service is judged on stain removal performance and that by using its spotters, cleaners will be able to improve their stain removal success rate, so earning customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Linen supply and textile rental firms can save thousands of dollars in linen replacement costs by removing stains instead of downgrading or ragging stained linen. By simply pre-spotting oily-type stains with Laundry TarGo, linen investments are protected, expensive stain rewash formulae are eliminated and more linen is returned to first class service.

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