Clean ‘01 in New Orleans gives IPSO and the Laundry Systems Group the opportunity to confirm confidence in the recently launched IPH washer-extractors.

First prototypes for the range were shown at Clean ‘99 in Orlando, but since then the complete line-up, comprising machine capacities from 40 – 140 lb, has gone into production and sales have been steadily growing.

The hard-mount frequency controlled IPH machines are now taking a significant market share – not only in the US, but worldwide. They are equipped with the smart-spin system allowing spins up to 825rpm.

The HF575 washer (shown) has also proved highly successful. Its larger door with the new heavy-duty doorlock, a design also used in the IPH range, the bigger shaft, the advanced PS40 control system with the infrared port and the new soap dispenser are features that are highly appreciated by customers.

Visitors will also see the Sigma-control, IPSO’s user-friendly microprocessor with the infrared port and a serial port for networking. A debit card reader has now been added.

The redesigned dryer-line will be exhibited. Like HF575, the new DR is a result of the continuous development and improvement of IPSO-products in response to constant customer feedback .

The improvements on the dryers include a redesigned control with a “Sigma-style”-networking port; a new design of fan, increasing the airflow up to 30% and so reducing the drying time significantly; and standardisation for an easy conversion from/to gas, steam or electric heating.

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