Micross Laundry Systems has introduced temperature monitoring as part of its award winning laundry automation system Tracknet and will be showing the upgraded system on the stand of its agent, Datateam.

This feature provides tabular evidence of the temperatures reached by each batch at various stages of the washing process. In addition, temperature profile graphs can be produced for each measurement point. These can provide clear evidence that disinfection cycles were carried out correctly.

Tracknet can control the movement of all batches of washing within the plant, and can monitor the productivity and efficiency of all types of equipment. The display screen shows a complete plan view of the laundry, and a click on either a batch of washing or on a machine will result in a display of all current and historical data. The location and productivity of operatives can be seen at a glance.

Tracknet gives the laundry manager the knowledge needed to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Stand 5251