Set-O-Matic produces ChipCash Smart Card systems and will show both on-line and off-line versions in New Orleans.

The on-line version, CDC485 allows store owners, particularly those with multiple outlets, to take complete control of their cash systems from one, inexpensive pc installed in a head office, home-office, or other remote location. They can use the computer connection to make price changes, or to collect data on machine usage, money taken, or cards sold.

Machines are fitted with their own connection unit and linked together, using a connection similar to those used on phone installations. If any of the machines, or even the central computer, malfunctions, none of the other machines are affected, but will work as usual.

The off-line version is designed for controlling single machines. All set-ups and collections are carried out using a hand-held terminal with infra-red technology.

Both systems use comprehensive software and offer a “counter sales” optional program.

This uses a laser barcode reader. Features common to both on-line and off-line systems include: simple quick installation; customised hardware for a neat appearance; computerised control of any machine, even electro-mechanical types; and modular construction with the option of upgrading the machine at a later date.

If wished, coin and smart card payment systems can be included on the same machine. As an example of the kind of information provided, customers can get an at -a-glance reading of their credit, simply by inserting the card into the machine.

If the customer claims to have lost money in the machine, this can be checked easily as the last 42 machine transactions and the last four cash refills are recorded directly onto the card with time and date stamps, and printouts can be easily made.

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