Hotel guests seek the squishiness of a pillow and plumpness of a quilt enveloped in crisp, freshly laundered sheets that are pressed to perfection, according to research commissioned by CLEAN Linen Services, a leading provider of linen and workwear rental to the hospitality industry.

A survey of 1,000 UK hotel guests found just over 89% of respondents desired pillows and a quilt with good bounce and were partial to a crisp laundered sheet, while the cosiness of a fluffy towelling robe and slippers was a particularly popular extra, with 34% of people opting for these as the extra they would enjoy the most.

Extras such as chocolates on pillows were not overly popular with just 11% welcoming the sweet treat, while one in three guests were eager to see complimentary toiletries in their room.

When asked what would make them rethink a return visit, 89% were put off by badly made beds and dated linen. Almost three quarters of people rated “cleanliness in all areas” as a top factor when looking for a great hotel room experience, closely followed by clean, crisp and freshly pressed bed linen, which was a top factor for more than half of respondents.

A nation known for its hospitality, the survey revealed that UK consumers still value seamless service and a warm welcome above all else when it comes to their views of a luxury hotel, with a third rating this the top factor.

“Having been established for 130 years this year, Clean is totally immersed in the business of linen and laundry. The hospitality industry has long been one of our biggest markets and we wanted to understand more about consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards hotels stays,” said Jason Miller, Clean chief executive officer. “The industry has changed a huge amount in the last 10 years and having this insight not only helps us to understand what people expect from a hotel but it helps our customers and the wider industry to look at consumer behaviours on a bigger scale.”