DCCS will show the Positek range of garment tagging products and its own brand EPOS systems.

Positek exhibits include a series of tagging machines, manufactured exclusively for use with its patented re-usable tags. Single and triple feed versions are on offer. Tags are made to withstand both laundry and drycleaning processes. They are available in 12 colours with barcodes.Tags with RFID chips will be available from June.

The Positek Autosort is a stand-alone system that can be used to assemble either hanging or folded goods. It comprises: the Autosort metal panel with a clip for an invoice/packing slip, and two lights to indicate the location and completion of order; the Autosort control module and terminal; and the Autosort Control CPU.

DCCS EPOS systems offer drycleaners the benefits of accurate and consistent pricing, inventory and cash control and marketing functions. Products can be networked across several branches, using a centralised database for support functions. Systems are available to suit all applications and budgets. DCCS Lite is available both as a text-based product with customised colour keyboard, or as a Windows product with optional touch-screen.