Rising profit

Germany: Lauffenmühle, the fabric and yarn specialist, increased its turnover from DM157million (US$ 85.6million) to Dm189million (US$103

million) in 1998.

This year it has already invested DM17million (US9.2 million) in spinning, finishing and weaving. Sales for the first six months of 1999 are on target.

  A further DM10million

(US$ 5.5million) will have been invested in machinery by the end of the year.

The company employs 500 people. On a daily basis it produces 32 000 kg yarn, 70 000 m greige and 80 000 m finished fabric. It is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality) and to DIN/EN 1400 (environment). Over two thirds of its total production goes to export.

Try for quality

Slovakia: Krebe-Tippo, the Slovakian washing machine manufacturer, is in the process of obtaining ISO 9001.

The company, based in Maribor, was established in 1956 making machines for domestic use.

Since then it has developed its product range to specialise in industrial equipment including washers, ironers, dryers and storage equipment.


USA: Whirlpool Corporation announced record performances from its North American and European operations, combined with improvements in operating profitability from its Asian and Latin American operations. The company produced a 36 per cent increase in quarterly earnings which resulted in the largest quarterly profit in the company’s history.

Whirlpool North America again reported record levels of sales, unit shipments and operating profits in the quarter.

The company expects its strong performance momentum to continue for the remainder

of the year and into 2000

through an aggressive focus on productivity and Operational Excellence gains, combined with an accelerated schedule of new product introductions.


Leading the new product introductions was the recently introduced Catalyst Cleaning Action fabric care product, which delivers America’s cleanest clothes and whitest whites fabric care performance through the use of revolutionary, patented technology.