Fault: When the owner of this expensive sweater pointed out the white mark left by correction fluid, the cleaner gave such a gloomy prediction that the owner decided not to leave the garment for cleaning.

Cause: Correction fluid, glue and paint stains look as if they are going to be difficult if not impossible to remove. However, this is not so and in practice, dry-side, solvent-based reagents are very effective indeed, if they are used according to Guild procedures.

Responsibility: The cleaner is responsible for giving realistic expectations of stain removal. In this case though, the advice may have reflected a lack of training, rather than the correct professional view. If the dyes can withstand the reagent then the chances of success are good.

Rectification: The stain needs to be softened with a good paint/glue remover and then reduced by blotting and careful use of vacuum, before the garment is cleaned in the machine. Cleaners who have with only a three-bottle “kit” can still be successful, but removing the stain may take longer.