Milnor washer-extractors are known for their durability and versatility, particularly with applications in automated laundries. According to Karl Schubert, director of Milnor International N.V. the company’s latest range of machines will continue that tradition but with an increased focus on efficiency and design economies.


The newest large open-pocket washer extractors are the 64040 E6N and the 64050 E6N. These machines are streamlined, rugged and cost-effective. They feature open-pocket cylinder, two-way tilt, simple design, and a trim footprint.

They are ideally sized for large laundries. The 64040 E6N has a cylinder volume of 2,110 ltrs and processes the 180-225 kg load sizes that mesh well with operations in many plants. The 64050 E6N has a cylinder volume of 2633L and processes 225-275 kg batch sizes.

The large, open-pocket wash cylinder provides an unobstructed drop for improved washing action. It is ideal for bulky goods such as mats and heavily soiled items such as uniforms, mops, and shop towels. Turnaround is faster because there is only one door to open for unloading/loading and no need for cylinder inching.

Two-way tilt makes loading and unloading faster and easier. This boosts productivity while minimising fatigue and risk of back injuries. Door height is within easy reach for sling- or manual-loading. It’s also ideal for unloading onto a shuttle conveyor or even into carts, thanks to single-pivot tilting. A large 1219mm door opening (standard on 64050, optional on 64040) allows work to pass through with ease.

There is also a choice of tilt angles. Standard angle is 14 degrees for both loading and unloading. Optional angles are 21 degrees for loading, 21.5 degrees for unloading. Optional angles can be easily retrofitted.

An innovative feature of this line of washer-extractors is the new bearing design that helps extend bearing life,even under severe conditions (see feature pp14-16). A new design by Milnor offers added protection to bearings and allows seals to be replaced without removing the bearings from the machine.

This streamlined design of the entire unit results in a machine that is only 2642mm wide, requiring less than 7.8 sq. m of space. Only 610mm is needed between machines. Efficient use of space aids plant layout whether replacing existing machines or building a new facility.

The structure is robust, but the simpler design results in fewer parts. Milnor engineers have planned this model to capitalise on more efficient manufacturing techniques. With fewer components, there is less to maintain. Frames, shell front and back, as well as other components are rugged enough to withstand multiple shifts for many years. Final extraction is 300G (575 RPM). Either a multi-motor drive or an optional, single-motor inverter drive can power the machines.

Milnor’s dynamically tuned suspension puts the centre of mass where an imbalance would occur. The result is outstanding vibration-dampening for less wear and tear. The active balancing system helps accommodate even hard-to-balance loads like mats and partial batches. The machine runs smoothly, avoiding time-consuming restarts – as well as balancing delays found with ramping.

The company designs and builds its own microprocessor with 100 formulas (98 programmable) to provide the flexibility needed for today and tomorrow. The control can even print production reports (standard) to help you maintain high productivity. The controller is easy-to-use, provides self-diagnostics and is available with a choice of a second language.

Mid-size washer-extractors

The new 48040 open-pocket washer extractors are designed for fast production and excellent wash quality. With 300G extraction rates and a choice of controls and tilt options, these machines are a good choice for high-production laundries.

With a 120kg capacity cylinder, this model is available with a tilt option. The machine loads and unloads quickly and easily due to its open-pocket design. The 48040 is available in tilt-to-unload and two-way tilt models, as well as stationary models. Gravity assist minimises effort, reducing fatigue while helping prevent strain. Goods can be dumped into a cart or onto a conveyor. Two-way tilt models also tilt backward so gravity aids manual loading, as well as loading by slings or other means.

A hefty, dynamically tuned suspension is based on designs used in Milnor’s 340kg washer-extractors. The centre of mass is located where an imbalance would occur. Dynamic forces are evenly applied for minimum vibration, less wear and tear. Also means greater output because it prevents stopping and recycling.

A simple inverter drive produces all speeds needed. It gives the best speeds for a wide variety of goods. High-speed extract is 665 RPM, yielding 300G. This reduces dry times and increases washroom productivity. The inverter drive gets all speeds from only one single-speed motor. The energy-efficient drive also reduces peak-load demand. A tough frame, designed through computer analysis, disperses stress evenly for long life.

A large 762mm door opening, at 940mm height, facilitates material handling. This reduces operator fatigue and helps increase run time.

Microprocessors are easy to operate, with the versatility to handle many applications. E-P Plus control (48040 F7J) offers 30 formulas, 10 pre-programmed specifically for each of 10 different markets. All are programmable. Mark V microprocessor (48040 F7P) provides 100 formulas, 98 programmable. It’s the same control used on larger Milnor washer-extractors. Both have informative displays and formula counters to aid supervision. The controllers are available with a choice of a second language.

Smaller open-pocket washer-extractors

Milnor’s newest small machine is the 30022 H7J. This high-performance unit features 221G extraction and a cylinder capacity of 25kg.

Efficient inverter drive produces the speeds you need – normal wash (plus reverse) for shirts and other cotton goods, gentle wash (plus reverse) for delicates and polyesters, pre-extract distribution (helps prevent unbalanced loads), and three extract speeds. You get the best speeds for a wide variety of fabrics.

High-speed extract is 720 RPM, yielding 221G. This is ideal for 100% cottons and reduces dry times. This increases productivity and reduces energy costs. Inverter drive gets all six speeds from only one single-speed motor. The energy-efficient drive also reduces peak load demand. Advanced cylinder perforation pattern means better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction.

The 25kg capacity is a big advantage over smaller 23kg machines. In most laundries, it adds up to an extra load each day. Cylinder volume is an impressive 255 ltrs. The durable, computer-analysed frame disperses stress evenly for long life.

Controls and other components are quickly accessible. Self-diagnostics help shorten – or even avoid – service calls. Easy-to-reach foundation bolt holes aid installation while inlet connections are greatly streamlined over competitive models.

The E-P Plus microprocessor is easy to operate, with the versatility to handle all of the most common laundry applications. It offers 30 easily programmable formulas. Ten of these are pre-programmed with wash formulas developed specifically for each of nine different markets. All formulas can be modified later if necessary. A two-line alphanumeric display keeps the user informed. A formula counter aids supervision. Water temperature control (standard) is ideal for today’s fabrics because a different temperature setting can be selected for each fill. The control is also available with a choice of a second language.