Domus, as it celebrates its 100th year, has staged an exhibition for the export market and its home and South American markets respectively at its newly-expanded facility in Vic, near Barcelona. The event was an opportunity to show visitors new developments that had been developed over the past couple of years as well as a tour of the factory. The exhibition clustered laundry solutions by sector – hospitality OPL, Heathcare OPL, including barrier washers and industrial laundry machines as well as fro the self service market. Click here to see a film of the exhibition and factory tour

Behind the exhibition was a lot of work and investment despite the drawbacks of two years of Covid-19. Domus, part of Onnera Laundry Barcelona, has just finalised an ambitious expansion of its plant, which will enable an increase in capacity, allow it to be more efficient and flexible and achieve a greater level of well-being for employees. A second expansion of almost 4,000 m² has just been completed which gives Domus a modern warehouse with optimised use of machinery, as well as significant expansion of its manufacturing lines.

During the pandemic Domus had to take on a new outlook when it came to bringing its machines to market. According to group business director, Iban Txillida, when interviewed in 2021: The reality is that we are accustomed to putting multiple new items on the market every year. We are an extremely dynamic company in this respect. This year, a new series of 35, 45, 100 and 120 kg washing machines stand out, which completes and renews our already extensive range of washing machinery.

“Additionally, we are introducing new 8, 10 and 14 kg tumble dryers as well as new models of drying towers of a larger capacity. In terms of ironing, we are also launching new models of wall ironers and calenders with folders. Finally, we have developed a new family of ozone cabinets, to be able to work on the disinfection and deodorisation of linen in laundries and drycleaners.

“As you can see, this year we will introduce a large number of new solutions onto the market in terms of machines. But one of the points that is going to be truly revolutionary is our new IoT; this is going to enable all of our machines, whether washing machines, tumble dryers or ironing machines- to be connected, managed and maintained remotely.  This will radically change the concept that we have of the market today, in a very short space of time we will be talking a lot more often about ‘servitisation’, Big Data, preventive maintenance, and so on. In our case, all of this is possible in our second generation of Touch controls.”

In recent years, the self-service business has experienced a real explosion in the market, added Txillida.” At Onnera, we have worked very hard on this important aspect of the laundry and, as a result of this, we have developed an interesting line of self-service machines with our own aesthetics and design, which have the distinctive feature of not being a franchise when used. We make all of the designs, tools and advice regarding our laundries available to our customers, but completely free of charge, we don’t charge any type of fee, rate or royalty. We share our experience and knowledge with all those who decide to become our customers,” he said.