The solvent mileage figures are, per litre of solvent.

1. Perchloroethylene machines – 80kg dry weight of work cleaned

2. Hydrocarbon machines – 50kg dry weight of work cleaned

3. Siloxane – 60kg dry weight of work cleaned.

Many cleaners have not previously recorded either the weight of work cleaned or the solvent used and may worry about meeting the standards.

To use the solvent efficiently, the machine must be well maintained and properly serviced. This is essential as large solvent losses can occur through vapour escapes around seals and so on, and through what may appear to be very minor leaks.

If you do not already keep records, you will have to acquire a suitable set of scales and then start weighing and recording every load you process and the quantity of solvent used to process the work.

From these figures, you can work out your solvent mileage on a weekly and monthly basis. An allowance will be made for solvent lost in still residues.

Remember, a machine uses as much solvent to clean a half-load as it does to clean a full one.

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