InfoPos, a leading supplier of EPOS systems, has put together an e-commerce package specifically designed for drycleaners.

The package is based on a new computerised till, and is said to be competitively priced. It is 70% cheaper than the company’s previous system.

E-commerce has been a buzzword in retailing for some time, but the company says the package will, for the first time, give drycleaners a straightforward and inexpensive way of using the internet in their business. It is introducing a series of free, regional business development training seminars.

InfoPos sales and marketing director, Jeremy Blain, explains that when used as an automated till, the system gives three times the functionality at a third of the price and that as an integrated e-commerce system “its value is limitless.

“It offers the chance to trade electronically, to buy goods from regular suppliers at discounted rates and to have credit-card handling fees slashed to a maximum of 1.55%” Drycleaners will get their own website and e-mail capabilities, and will also have automatic access to a dedicated website for the industry, providing an information exchange, a discussion and problem solving forum and a marketplace for buying and selling.

There will also be up to date industry news. Existing users of the market-leading InfoPos system are being offered an upgrade at what Mr Blain describes as a ‘thank you’ rate of ‘little or no cost’.

“It is thanks to our existing customers that InfoPos is where it is today, so we are passing on the benefits of this latest technology to them as soon as we can.”