The National Emission Standards for Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants as applied to perc drycleaning were revised last year and immediately raised queries on interpretation.

The IFI has succeeded in establishing that the new rules do not require drycleaners to buy equipment to measure perc vapours in the machine drum – hence the saving.

It has also established that most drycleaners will not have to record the temperature on thw refrigerated condenser, but are required to record the pressure gauge on the refrigeration system. Cleaners will only have to record condenser temperatures if there are no pressure gauges.

IFI also sought clarification on the rules for existing third generation equipment and found that if these machines were in use before 21 December 2005, they can be moved from one location to another and don’t have to be upgraded. These existing machines can be used for the life of the equipment or until the cost of repairs equals 50% of the original machine price.

Third generation equipment installed after 21 December 2005 must be upgraded by being fitted with secondary carbon absorption.

The EPA will be issuing formal clarification of the rules to the states shortly.

The revised rules and clarifications apply to most drycleaners. However those co-located within mixed-use commercial/residential zoning are governed by other rules.